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10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games of January 2017

January had a great number of games released for iOS/iPhone and Android. Here are the 10 best ones we loved. Subscribe for more: …

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  1. Humza Ahmed

    Yugioh Duel Links better be on here.

  2. vksamhith T

    megaman mobile is a joke..XD

  3. Jordan Irwin

    Sister_Location is already out and the binding of Isaac

  4. Raunak Sinha

    I played Binding of isaac on ios after this video and Man, it's very DARK

  5. Sonic Ace 24

    why dont you do free version first ???

  6. obliviouz

    Glitchskier is a top down shooter. It's not a bullet-hell shooter though.

  7. Nation Harris

    guys how can you recommend the mega man games? they run like shit on mobile, anyone who needs proof just check out digital foundry's video on them

  8. Mitchell Martens

    I personally can't stop playing Fire Emblem Heroes.

  9. DarkShadix

    You guys just lost some credibility by putting mega man mobile on the list.

  10. Hello The gamer


  11. Jt Tessier

    yugioh deul link huge nistalja

  12. Josh Rh

    A Normal Lost Phone is like Sarah is Missing

  13. Firestorm Gamer

    Collect or die looks like N+

  14. Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

    who is gonna use aptoid

  15. Cytona

    The fact that you actually recommended Mega Man ports and not only one but ALL of the show either:
    1. You never played them and just put them there because they are Mega Man
    2. You don't give a fuck about your viewers and their enjoyment

    Either way, if those are your standards of a recommendation then yes you did a good job there. Fucking disgrace

  16. MrReyna

    I thought FNAF was fed but I was wrong

  17. Havel The Wall

    you have to pay for every single one. dropped.

  18. Samuel Hildebrandt

    Well… It looks like I won't be spending any money on the play store this month!

  19. Dat-hat-do's Channel

    sister location is completely different than any of the other games

  20. GDV

    You should put Fire Emblem Heros on your free mobile list. (:

  21. Shaked Cohen

    Isaac 10/10, 6/9

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