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10 Cool New WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try (2016)

Looking for secret or hidden features in WhatsApp? We bring you some very cool WhatsApp tricks, tips and hacks for Android and iPhone that you should try.

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  1. I knew all of this

  2. This is all bullshit! Check out fau_eden on IG. Dude hacks anything for 30 bucks. So smooth and sleek… Dude is smooth and fast and discreet. 100% legit hacker

  3. Hi bro
    This is Awesome thing but please tell me that how to get the 3D TOUCH ENBLED in my IPHONE
    please tell me fast

  4. Thanks buddy,i learned some new stuff

  5. Charlie Chaplin World

    thanks for your effort.

  6. These tricks were not avialable for i phone 5s 😤😤😤

  7. Telegram the best…..

  8. utkarsh choudhary

    yo bro

  9. utkarsh choudhary


  10. utkarsh choudhary

    hey man

  11. Joydip Bhattacharyya

    Very nice sir

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  13. good

  14. I found one!! It hello
    I did it when I said slapface
    XD *.
    Then what ever u say
    But do it all in one

  15. nice brother keep going …….. we love u

  16. ~hi~

  17. ●hi●

  18. pawankumar

  19. pawankumar

  20. only YouTube pros can do this

  21. this stupid retard should change his title to iphone whatspp
    stupid indians

  22. im pretty sure indians are the most annoying smelly fake people on the planet. kys

  23. 10) Unblocking yourself – cool trick

  24. Sorry but it's Very hard to understand a single word u are saying ?

  25. Raghuvansh Narayan

    Unblocking trick is not working

  26. Your TRICKS works here as well ~fucked up man~

  27. Great tutorials.. I love hem.

  28. please tell me how to write font in upside down format, I have seen it in one of my friend status

  29. cool

  30. grt …thnq

  31. please, give a tricks how to exit group without notify to group members

  32. Hi! Watch tuturials videos. Stay stuned. Coming soon.

  33. Amazing Brother… Thank You So Much…:)

  34. i wish i could understand you , i think it would have been helpful

  35. q*@ is for viewing our friends contacts

  36. telegram is much better

  37. Mohammad Tahir Shaikh

    Sir g ye batao ke agar koi unknown number se whats app pe msg aye to uska whatsapp pe kia naam hai kaise pata krenge kia iski koi trick hai aapke pass

  38. so that's hidden features hahhaha😂😂😂😂😂

  39. jio 1gb limited hack original video

  40. wow that's amazing
    and so cool
    I like it

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