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10 More Android Hidden Features (2014)

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  1. Cant you just use Doze to save data?

  2. how to do you make the keyboard swipe and have some blue thing….

  3. Hindi Tips And Tricks

    wchich software used for editing

  4. Vibration Designer

    end calls power botton was avaible in 2011

  5. try this,go to dialer and type #9900#

  6. you are so nice

  7. what phone do u have from t mobile

  8. how to get to the game he was playing at the end

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  10. You're a daft wee prick.

  11. Hey when I play modern comebat5 it shows no connect even if my internet is on. So plz tell me the solution

  12. U can answer calls using home button same way as power button just find in accessibility

  13. dinesh a khetia Khetia


  14. Data usage is a good idea…. Less is more


  15. traingle

  16. i have android 6 it doesnt work :(

  17. The phone used in the video is Moto or Google ?

  18. HOW TO MEN your videos are very clean and awesome Thanks!

  19. the following user says thank you for your time

  20. the first one is the best way to go

  21. Hey what phone is that ??

  22. not works play store .. i tried many times

  23. Dinosaur minigame works in Pc

  24. for 3 you wrote 4

  25. do the playstore thing still work bc i cant get it to work

  26. name the phone which is used in this video.

  27. Hum… developer options didn't show up 😞

  28. You can use the shift button too for line break

  29. Maurson Technology

    Instead of 1k we gave 17k! :D

  30. Thanks!!!! I needed to know how to save pages for offline reading.

  31. hmm good knowledge about phones

  32. firstly when I tried to print a loaded page the pictures wasn't in the pdf, as we saw in the video.
    secondly now when I try to print the browser is not working and then the prin option in the menu becomes fade… what should I do??
    my phone is running with Android marshmallow 6.0

    please help me to fix it

  33. ℝ𝕖𝕪-𝕤𝕒𝕟 “ʅʕ•ᴥ•ʔʃkawaii snekʅʕ•ᴥ•ʔʃ” ™

    I discovered the dinosaur game on my computer and i was so confused, and I sometimes turn the internet off on purpose now XD

  34. firsy doesnt wotk

  35. it doesnt work

  36. great..

  37. Sri sai Yogesh Kuchimanchi


  38. Dislikes from Windows Users

  39. How to open easter egg on google play to get all that apps

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  45. actual i found all this feature before i watch this video

  46. At 2:12 he said ,,three" but write 4, the 4th is on 2:48

  47. does anybody know why when I try to save a website for online viewing the save button is grey and I can't press it

  48. what happened when I press BA🔺..??

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