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15 best Android apps released in 2016

Written version – https://goo.gl/Od9fGN We have circled the sun once again. That means it’s time to round up the best new Android apps that were released in …

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  1. "GIF" 😤

  2. Wow man slow down a bit :O

  3. Md. Abdul Ahad Chowdhury (Piash)

    This is the old Evie Launcher. The latest version has a traditional app drawer.

  4. Prisma is the dumbest fuckin thing since the Earth was born !!!

  5. youre going too fast man

  6. Jude rozelaar (Dragon7076)

    Chrooma? Really? Not Gboard?

  7. i need help my phone keep poping the system data has stopped every seconds is there a way to remove this

  8. according to reviews Trusted Contacts is more like one of the worst apps of the year, just how did you decide on this list ?

  9. But where is Pokemon Go

  10. R3DMOUTH Productions

    Aaaaannndddd Cyanogenmod is dead :(

  11. Video description below, below, below, is the only Word you know

  12. do a best games video please

  13. do a social media competition like if you agree.

  14. In my opinion G-Board is the best keyboard app for this year.

  15. GG

  16. Ilavarasan Guganesan

    Great List man, good work in picking up the list. Chromoa was pretty unexpected, sure think it deserves the Pole. But I really liked the way you added Aurea Carmina 👌

  17. Anyone told you to pace yourself when you speak?

  18. I have iPhone, why am I watching ? Lol

  19. for fucks sake it's gif not jif, it's not penut butter.

  20. I wouldn't pay for that Chromer thingy when Firefox already does the same thing for the price of free.

  21. big like for you app guy

  22. chrooma can't beat G-board thou

  23. Christian Venturado

    evieeee ❤

  24. best android games of 2016 coming?

  25. gif not jif. its like saying eeeexxxxee for a .exe file extention

  26. Hey I need a phone, and I want an android. What would be a good phone? I was thinking the Moto z or one plus 3t maybe? What's ththe best phone out right now?

  27. Gifs…..like Gorilla….not Jifs…..like the peanut butter. IDC what the founder says.

  28. Muhammad Amirsohail

    Android Authority you are best

  29. I have the chrooma keyboard but I switched to the Gboard

  30. What's up wirh neural network with these apps?

  31. thx dear when upload ur next video plz reales plz weekly upload 1 video plz this is subscriber request

  32. Notice me, Joseph.

  33. 👌👌

  34. Brave Browser , i installed it but many times it didn't worked quite well with the Google app. Had a lot of issues like it didn't blocked the ads it was supposed to do.

  35. Gboard pretty much the best

  36. Flamingo FTW!

  37. Going to try that chrooma keyboard everyone keeps talking about, but I doubt it'll be as good as Fleksy

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