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#1752 – Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 Digital Camera Video Review

Price Grabber: http://3dgameman.pgpartner.com/search_attrib.php?topcat_id=11&form_keyword=FZ300%2B&rd_type=C&rd=1 Info/Comments: …

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  1. Thanks for this review, it helped me a lot! I have a client next week who want's a demonstration of the camera and I'm home with a nasty cold, so I can't even try it out myself before seeing the customer. Your video was the only one I've found that shows every aspect of the camera, so again, thank you very much!

  2. Great review! What tripod plate and adapter are you using? It looks small enough that it doesn't block the battery opening… (My manfrotto video head didn't come with a quick release system).

  3. looks like a perfect camera for the beginning film maker – would you agree? Excellent review – thanks! I've spotted this camera for $500

  4. is the lens removable to put a fisheye lens on??

  5. Hello, what editing software to you use? Thanks.

  6. harshith kanchumarthi

    sir how about photography. does it matches budget dslr pls reply

  7. Wow, you're still kicking around. Haven't seen a video of yours since the 90s when PC modding was all the rage.

    No more wife presenting product like Vana White? lol

  8. gionni “gionnniRP” rp

    Where did you get the plate for the tripod mount? Need a link where to get it

  9. Can you change the lense?

  10. Merry Christmas!!!!! (late) perhaps early :P

  11. I Just Got one and I love it for Run and Gun

  12. I just got this camera to improve quality on my channel. Hopefully it works

  13. hey how do i fix the problem with the camera saying memory card limit

  14. how to connect your fone to the camera?

  15. sony alpha a5000? or Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ300?

  16. Could I consider this an upgrade to my Nikon D3200. I will mostly be using it on holidays for both vlogging and photography. I want to eventually go to a Panasonic gh4.

  17. does it give a clean live HD video out from the HDMI port that you can connect an atomos ninja2? A video feed with no camera setting overlay i.e. clean video out.

  18. it will NEVER be a 2.8 600 mm 🙂 A lens like that would be gigantic! Bud sadly enough I have be able to find any review that talks about the AF in videomode 🙁 does it even continous AF during video?

  19. Great Camera, I love mine. Look at this great TimeLapse video I did with this camera,.


    This camera is called a "bridge Camera" it has the size, automation and convenience of a nice Point & Shoot Camera but yet, all the manual controls of a full DSLR for the advanced users. I highly recommend this camera..

    Whats the best camera to buy? The one you will use! This is it!

  20. I was looking at getting this camera! I'm hiking and wanted a great camera for video and Pictures that could handle abit of weather. But! And a big but! This camera cant charge the battery via USB!!! If I'm out for a few days i cant use a regular charger! I need usb charging to work. How they did not include this in the camera is to me very suprising. At least why not make the charger that comes with the camera able to use USB!?

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