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183 Android AsyncTask Tutorial | coursetro.com

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  1. Glad this channel is here. i can happily forget about AsyncTask once i'm done implementing and can always come back to this vid when I need it again. Memory optimized.

  2. Can you please upload videos about AsyncTask Loader ? I am finding it very difficult to find suitable material on the internet for it.

  3. Pratik Ratnaparkhi

    That accent! Would love if you keep it neutral.:)

  4. Can you provide me the slide of this tutorial?
    It will be easier to take notes

  5. ChandraSaiMohan bhupati

    Hi, Should Asynctask be paused when the user clicks home button and should resume when the app comes to foreground ??

  6. iKhmer4ever Coding Center


  7. Can i have a tutorial for Android AsyncTaskLoader?it would be great,i looked at google but found only complex examples.

  8. awesome explanations, and great graphs showing it off. Good job!

  9. Thanks for these videos! You rock!

  10. You have the best tutorials….its makes me understand the concept so easily.. Thank you so much.

  11. Hey VIVZ…….u r the one who explains everything in a very cool way……..can suggest me on how can i build an Chat app like "Whatsapp" and do ajax like request to update the chat screen as well as get notification….please help me out……..I can;t do it on my own….thanx in advance

  12. thanks for this important topic

  13. when we use OKHttp to connect to a webservice does it use asynctask?

  14. Sir can you please tell me difference between asynchronous and synchronous task?i know these things are different but can u please tell me, i am very confused..

  15. Is your promised video on Generics already out?

  16. Mahdi ben selimene

    i did make an app with recyclerView that shows image and text from Json API , but
    the recyclerView take a lot of time to show .
    Shoud i use AsyncTask to show the recyclerView instade of a regular methode ?????

  17. Heya,
    I am try to establish a network(client server communication). How can i design a client application that can download an image from server application??? can i use async task for that???

  18. Hi, 

    I am making a sound effect app and I need to load lots of sounds into soundpool.builder when the app starts. Should I do this using an Asynctask when the app is started? 

    If I do it in oncreate, my activity loads very slowly. 


  19. No real example.

  20. shit man u make everything look simple

  21. Awesome explanation! Thanks!

  22. I was never able to understand AsyncTask until this video. Thanks a lot !! Keep up with you good work….it will be most helpful if I am able to download all the video regarding this android tutorial..Please help me with that

  23. thank u guy for ur videos pls can u paste the code of these tutorial on ur site.Thanks

  24. Hii Vivz and everyone I have one doubt regarding aSyncTask.Any help is appreciated ! Please follow the link:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25341208/passing-string-data-from-onpostexecute-method-of-asynctask-to-other-activity.Heyy vivz please help me.

  25. and bla bla bla :D

  26. hi there…
    i just run ur videos…….
    good job sir
    please put some stuff of DOM ,XML parsing

  27. This is all cool. You explained it weary well. I just want to criticize the Google developers. Are they CRAZY OR WHAT? This creates the HUGE class dependency in development! I never saw bigger ,,, I guess Android was never meant for complicated content… 

  28. How did u know I needed to know how to use asynctask today….and nothing I found today explains it like you do… epic. Thank you.

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