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4K TV: Highest Rated of 2015/2016? (Top 10)

In this high quality video we go through the top 10 4K TV’s that you can get right now in 2015. Which TV’s are the highest rated 4K TV’s in the game? Well, here …

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  1. Folks do yuh self a favor if you want the best AN price is not a problem get the lg oled trust if you in a budget but still want great pic get the Samsung 8500 ok . Dude bumped his head putting lg oled number 2 lol .

  2. I clicked the video because i saw the 4k 147 inch Sony laser tri luminous display ultra short throw projector in the thumbnail.

  3. OLED TVs are still much too expensive :(

  4. yeah i have the number 1 tv!! :)

  5. wat abut 65 TCL

  6. like the new mic!!

  7. I got a 65 4k vizio d series very good piture

  8. Amazing video, super professional keep it going!

  9. only if I could afford any one of them :(

  10. Is the M series for Vizio better or the P series??

  11. We just ordered a 65" Samsung curved 4k UHD TV. I've been wanting a 4K TV for quite a while now. So pumped!

  12. 😍😍😍😍. nice work.👍👍👍👍

  13. I'm the 3000th subscribrr

  14. background music name please

  15. I really want that #1 Samsung

  16. I don't agree with your number and number 2, i have tested the very best of Samsung 4k TV's side by side with the Sony 4k TV and i can tell u in terms of colour accuracy and contrast the Sony beats them flat. I guess vivid colours is your thing, or may be the korean tvs are cheaper and better value for money than most. But when it comes to the quality of the display or picture quality the Koreans are no where as good as the Japanese forget marketing gimmicks.

  17. what is hte european models because its different in eu

  18. i dont get it is the 10 best or the 1 best

  19. I would rather go for Sony xd940c than samsung js 9500

  20. hi guys im doint community service or something about school thing and im getting payed $600 with the first job and with the second job im getting payed with $800 so i want to get the xbox scorpio and UHD 4K tv and i was wondering what is the top best UHD 4K tv that cost $800 ?

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