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5 Amazing iPhone 7 Plus Tips & Tricks You Aren’t Using

In this video saki will share 5 amazing and useful tips and tricks that you aren’t using. Learn these tips and tricks for your iPhone to enchance your experience.

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  1. That time tho

  2. Excellent tips! Wow, I subbed! Thanks so much!

  3. Why was second video removed?

  4. Özgür Küçüktekin

    Would you please share the wallpaper that appears at the beginning of the video. Pink one

  5. i always write books on my Iphone

  6. For the second tip, you could also press and hold down on the word and a magnifier pop up and move the cursor from there.

  7. Thanks. A new comer

  8. you are the best

  9. the 2nd tip works on my iPad mini with retina display!!!!!cool!!!

  10. didnt knew about the keyboard scrolling and iv been using iphones for a year now lol

  11. if the kid goes crazy
    lol 😂😂

  12. I was waiting for you to make this video from your car ? Lol
    Joking nice video as always👍

  13. ios is now even more complicated than android

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  15. Good information … but no link for the iPhone case that I can see.

  16. Great tips!! Thanks a lot!

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