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5 best mirrorless Cameras compared – Mirrorless in NYC Conclusion

Olympus OMD-EM1, Fuji X-T1, Sony A7R, Panasonic GH4, Leica M240 – what is best for you? Get Your Gadget Out! Intimate Portraiture series: …

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  1. Tomas Av.


  2. Sandux

    whats the best camera under 500 anyone?

  3. chelseafn10

    Lose the friggin growl!!! I know you like to hear yourself talk. How do I know? I have a friend that used to do the same thing. Now he talks normal. No growl. I know you lose it every once in awhile. Its annoying!!

  4. Sam lee

    how come you still have your camera after going through 5 boroughs? not trying to be funny.

  5. Godfrey Jemand

    Two "tricks" wait a year or more any get the camera you want for much less or get the new model. This way you will not kick yourself when a new model comes out. Read the press/brochure of the older models and how "Great" they are and how "improved" they are and then get the new model or decide based on what you REALLY NEED. Do you really need a camera that shooot 8-10+ frames a second or is 3-5 good enough. Start-up time means nothing to me. It takes more than a second for me to grab it and hold it up to my exe. I turn it on at the firt grip. Also, I always sho a shot or two of where I I going, from a distance (Just in case.) the exterior of the building from a stree away and as a facade and the entrance, for future info or to show friend where it is and I can always delete them if I need the memory space. Note: I always shoot the "important shots at JPEG FIne and Full RAW then reduce to JPEG standard and a smaller RAW if I don't have enough spce. At todays prices I can always run our or send someone out to buy a 16G SD for 12€ in
    almost any supermarket in the civilzed world.

  6. Godfrey Jemand

    If you don't know much about photography you can buy a Nikon/Canon film camera and learn that way or any digital with manual would help learn. It is all about the Lens opening (Aperture) the time of the exposure and the ISO (Film speed) all at half or double the next, more or less. Then framing and focus. That is it. Have fun and best bet don't waste you time with an expensive camera. Buy a digital camera for 100-200 learn what to do and give it to someone as a gift for Christmas (Always save the box and all info, for any camera you buy.) or keep it for quick shots. Note: Any newspaper/magazine/news or site can use/pay for a sharp 5×7/10×18. Look at what they publish.

  7. bigjuliedive

    Background music is distracting and unnecessary.

  8. Norm Fisher

    Matt, i enjoy your experience describing, lens, cameras, and the comparisons of products and how to shoot better. Norm

  9. cameraman655

    So has Nikon and Canon given up on any mirrorless ambitions and gave this market to Sony, Panasonic, Leica and Olympus? Like many who, I have married into a system (in my case, Canon) over the decades thus I am really hesitant to start over with a new brand. That said, I would love to slowly move aways from my 1Ds and 5Ds and move into the mirrorless realm . The one area where mirrorless seems to lag (for the time being) is the action, sports, area, form most reports and reviews, the AF tracking on most mirrorless rigs still fall short of the DSLR competitors. Still, I suspect that this will be resolved very shortly.

  10. Anderson Rick

    can i ask you which one is better for amateur who wanted to learn photography, Fujifilm xa2 or Sony A6000 ??

  11. fadi2008

    Constructive feedback: amazing content/ information however presentation can be improved!

  12. TheOfficialDChaos

    Where is the samsung nx1?? It smokes all of these cameras

  13. Jennifer K

    Any plan to do an update? Would be great to know what you think are the best overall and the best value for money…

  14. FuckingTankGirl

    Thank you for the video! I would love an update one. I really would love to have more idea and especially a talk about canon and nikon mirrorless….

  15. Amrin Jahan Anika

    How about lumix g 7

  16. The Elmitts

    Sony a6000?

  17. Kurt Villella

    Ideal mirrorless Camera 2016

    HATE THIS STUPID still cameras have to do video !!!

    1. Includes in-camera stabilization (Sony and Oly)
    2. Tilt or articulating screen with full touch control, including activating the shutter release (Oly)
    3. 24 MP sensor is fine, 20 – 30 is sufficient
    4. Separate control dial for exposure comp (many manufacturers
    5. EVF that is bright (Oly)
    6. Simple video of 1080i, don’t want 4k 10k, 20k video (if I wanted a video camera I’d buy one)
    7. Foucs peaking indicator (Sony)
    8. Dual SD card slots on the side, not under the camera
    9. Offering of lenses with max F4 for example, 16-105 f4 if crop sensor or 24-105 or 135 f4 if FF I in a METAL moujnt (not Nikon plastic mount) without spending $1000 per lens
    10. Ability to have lenses focus clockwise or counter-clockwise (Oly)

  18. on ca

    all depend on your budget,and intention of what to do with it,they all good camera,in the end you have to do your own test

  19. Kenneth Gray

    What do you shoot your videos with?

  20. Vasilis Karaman

    In my opinion there should be a place for samsung nx500 among these 5 cameras.

  21. RP

    Hi Matt,
    What adapter do you use on the A6000 for Tamron FX lens used on Nikon D750?

  22. Model Jenny

    Great video. Very interesting info. Im looking for a second camera to back up my XT-1. Thank you.

  23. Jan Martínez

    the Sony a6000 should be on that list. Its a great camera with the faster focus in the world with 24 mp, 11fps etc. Im a little disappointed about it

  24. Svenja

    Thanks for the great work. That was more than just interesting. I love those head to head reviews. One small hint for improvement: After a while the music got very distracting.

  25. T-75 Proto

    You should also wear trousers and underpants for your videos. Ive heard you do these videos naked from the T shirt down which makes me feel uncomfortable

  26. starr shine

    Thanks for your videos Matt. I hope your health is well!

  27. Stefan Hundhammer

    I really like your content, but why do you have to torment our ears with that horrible background music? All that does is to make you harder to understand.

  28. Amr Badran

    Hello Matt,

    I do sincerely thank you for all your valuable videos and I wish you all the best.

    I am an amateur photographer and I want to turn pro. I'm basically interested in still imagery, namely Architecture, Decoration, Products and Macro.

    I'm using T5i but I want to upgrade to pro level and I'm considering moving to Sony Mirrorless full frame.

    Is moving to Sony Mirrorless a good decision? Or investing in 5D MIII and EF lenses, or moving to Nikon D800 something?

    What would you recommend?

    Thanks again for all your tips and for your advice in advance.


  29. ኣደዳይ

    sony a7s vs fujifilm xt1?
    fujinon xf 56mm f/1.2 r vs sigma 50mm art 1.4?
    i demand a response.

  30. νικος γιώργος

    big letters on screen really really annoying,so is this music

  31. Chris Carroll

    magic thank you

  32. Fina Ngalimin

    which mirrorless i have to choose between olympus omd-e10 and fujifilm x-t10?
    which tone is the best? i would like to take a pic of my kids (6,4,and 2 years old)
    thank for the advise…

  33. Snapjockey

    annoying music!

  34. Temporal Mix Productions

    Where can we see the photos you took?

  35. Itchy willy

    Everyone banging on about the Sony a6000, the image quality of its standard lens gets well beaten by the micros in this review, so if you want to get the best out of the a6000 you have to spend some good money on another lens which doesn't make it a real bargain does it, imo micro 4 3rds for me or if you want XT1 image on the cheap get a xm1 like I did far better image quality than the a6000. 

  36. Jay Jung

    Samsung nx1 is the best

  37. dominic hains

    lot of people complaining about the music, it didn't disturb me at all.
    the a6000 is a good camera but i didn't like it for 2 reasons : build quality and battery life. that's why i prefer Oly or Fuji.

  38. Michael Shafer

    This was a really fun series! Quite helpful for someone like me who isn't sure which camera they want to buy.

  39. Mr. Flux

    "No stings attaxed…"

  40. Bazil Zainal

    Would've been nice if you also put in some sample shots from each camera. =)

  41. Junaidy Junnay

    A6000 is the best mirrorless for cheaper price

  42. William Knight

    Thanks for the review, I would like to have seen your view on the a6000 with these. I like the fuji for the ease of controls. I wonder how it compares against the a6000.. I really would love an A7s at about 24 meg and 209,000 ISO, I think I would go with the fuji over the Olympus do to the larger sensor size. Again thanks

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