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5 Things Windows Phone Does Better Than Android

Most Of the people prefer Android over Windows Phone but there are some things that Windows Phone doses better than Android !

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Intro By : Twifeedo

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  1. Andrei's Tutorials & Gaming

    I like windows phone more than any OS

  2. But Android still win


  4. Windows Phone 8.1 was best,10 just sucks.

  5. Ye kaun model hai lumia ka jo tm is video mein use kar rahe ho ???

  6. alexander cummings

    It is crap if you forget your passwords expertly the Microsoft. Password

  7. RIP Windows Phone. You won't be missed.

  8. wp sucks its my opinion

  9. Summit Aggregates

    Windows 8.1 is far superior than windows 10 or the latest from Apple or Android, in so much as, the device moves much more easily between 1x, 3G and 4G LTE coverage… the other devices can get it done, but it's slow at best and not very functional!

  10. Yet Windows Phone is dead. I wonder why that is?

  11. Лиска Бандурске

    Windows phones are like a mix of iOS and android

  12. Squanchy FapFap

    Your Accent is Cancer to my Ears!

  13. chinthalapalli bharath kumar

    I want new unboxed windows phone , but they are not avialble in andhrapradesh..

  14. aabe chutiye kuch bhi maat bol 😂😂😂

  15. Fenix's Productions ویڈیو گیمر

    You changed my mind. I'm gonna buy a WP now ;). Thanks Vinay

  16. Are there only Indian WP users??

  17. nice video (maybe i'm android fan, but your film looks cool) ^^

  18. Krzysztof Urban

    Pffff, fuck Android! 🙂 Never again this laggy piece of shit.

  19. Prasad Talawdekar

    your videos are so amazing i loving it and ur all video quality was amazing

  20. really helpful

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