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50+ Tips and Tricks for the iPad Pro

In this video, saki will share over 50 tips and tricks for the iPad Pro. This video equally applies to both the 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch model. Learning these iPad Pro …

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  1. Wow about time we got a detail very explanatory video!!! great job man! you explained it all.

  2. Watever u all want to call it, it is helpful for folks new to Mac. Thank You for doing this.

  3. this is 128gb ipad pro? for about 110gb usable storage?

  4. Nice work, I enjoyed this and learned a lot.

  5. Setting Boundaries

    Omg if you don't check your email lmbo

  6. How can i split my keyboard on screen?

  7. can someone please help me out? there is no 60fps option available on my ipad pro, only 30fps 720 / 1080p. newest software and hardware (purchased it yesterday). what am I missing?

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  9. the video is very informative

  10. Great 101 overview of iPad Pro tips. Thanks!

  11. Thank you so much! Outstanding info!!!!

  12. Me

  13. This is more like a beginners guide to iOS . Incredibly helpful for someone new to iOS like me !

  14. Im new to my apple pro,so this was very helpful,ty

  15. That's a nice ass background

  16. I tremendously enjoyed this tutorial and got so much from it. I am new to Apple, just got iPad Pro so it was perfect for my needs. I have watched it over and over. Love your accent by the way 😉

  17. The best information I have ever seen of youtube. Keeping this to refer back to. Just got my iPad Pro and had no idea I could do any of this. Thank you

  18. Thats was LIT man Thank u very much for making it 👍!

  19. does PIP work with youtube?

  20. Lol. I knew these functions when I used the iPhone 5s and iPad Air . 😂 who agrees ??

  21. Could you please improve the quality of sound ?

  22. you have Vainglory 😀
    anyway very good video :)

  23. Dude check your email

  24. O

  25. Just got my iPad pro and found a lot of these tips very useful. Thank you very much.

  26. Great videos. Very informative. Highly recommend

  27. Excellent vid i think. 

  28. And immensely helpful video, thank you so much for uploading, it's been very valuable with my new iPad pro

  29. <Hey Siri..> "How do I read my emails???"


  30. Great help!

  31. Ernest Charles III

    Some of this stuff , I didn't know…thanks

  32. Very useful, thanks

  33. I accidentally upgraded to ios 10.1 oops no swipe to unlock anymore :(

  34. I'm very new to iOS so thank you very much for this very informative video.

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