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6tag 4.0: The best Instagram app for Windows Phone gets even better

The official Instagram app for Windows Phone hasn’t seen an update since March last year. It’s still lacking features offered by the official apps on iOS and Android. The good news is that 6tag, a popular third-party Instagram app for Windows Phone, continues to add new features that are absent from the official one. With latest version 4.0 update, you can adjust filter strength, play with five new filters, and edit existing posts.

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  1. now it's even better, it have the video downloads option.
    unfortunately the video upload option isn't for free, and how the people who have no credit card can do to pay for this option…

  2. Still no video uploading

  3. I cant install it

  4. After update keep crashing. Delete and when try to install again download don't finish. Lumia 1520 someone can help? Thanks.

  5. 6tag is awesome!!!!

  6. But you can't post videos

  7. Родион Нефёдов

    Best instagram third-party program still doesn't support large screens.

  8. @savior02 yeah we know that, but hey, thanks for the old news.

  9. Thank you so much for this great video <3 But if anyone want to go for shortest way then he/she should straight go for IGROCKET D0T COM<— and get legit/active followers quickly !!! what do you think guys

  10. i can't install the update, so i decided to uninstall my 6tag then install it again. but then i still can't install it.. anyone has this problem? 🙁

  11. Some nice new features. Can't wait for 5.0 universal app with video upload. My gf in particular is hating not having that feature.

  12. @friður Windows 8 and 10 are bitlocker encrypted by default.

  13. too bad 6snap isn't around anymore..

  14. 6tag is not available in the store at the moment.

  15. @kool41guy i think its Nokia icon..!

  16. How can i share a video i saw in 6tag in my 6tag account ?!

  17. Instagram for android has had this for a while now.

  18. There's a bug,after I update the app,inside the app the DM section kept on showing that I have a new message when I go check it,it's old messages.

  19. It would've been but I can't seem to buy the full version because of lack of payment methods in this region.

  20. @kool41guy it's a 930.

  21. Thanks for the video! 👌😃

  22. Anyone know if Windows 10 for computers and phone will have encryption?

  23. Did you seriously name your dog Google?

  24. does anyone know why my photos blur out when i upload them on 6tag?  

  25. what windows phone is that is it the 1520, 930 what is it plz answer this question because im in canada and i cant get much windows phones here

  26. 6tag X Rudy Huyn > Google + Facebook

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