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7 Fresh Android Apps You Won’t Regret Trying! Android Tips #47

It’s a changing of the seasons, the perfect time to spring clean your smartphone and check out some fresh new apps. Here’s seven of the best for the month of …

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  1. what recorder are you using?

  2. get MIUI. It has a build in Screenshot enlarge option

  3. I will pay a tech who can work with me and my company please get back at me

  4. nice tips

  5. robben am a huge fan

  6. Flynx is exactly what I've wanted FOREVER!
    You just got yourself another sub 😀
    thanks mate!

  7. got to wave 9

  8. He is the best because he is funny and explains things in a simple user point of view.. But seriously, that Arjen Robben thing is getting old!!

  9. this guy is extremely awkward and his forehead is wrinklier than my butthole.

  10. wave 10 lol

  11. sir very nice video but i want to know that how did you added video to the device frame while recording screener app.

  12. wave 15 score 1,564 96.3%

  13. Rob, you were quite helpful there. Def subscribed! Cheers from PH

  14. Brave or Flynx? Which one is better?

  15. +C4ETech Great and informative video. May I just make a kind request? How do you capture content on your android phone? How do you also replicate an enlarged and blurred copy of the same to the background? Would really like to know as I love how it comes out.

  16. do you see football

  17. Stitch and share is perfect for what I needed. THanks

  18. check my channel for great tips on Android

  19. ash is better than him

  20. thanks

  21. dude are u using and HTC phone in the vid, perhaps HTC 10?

  22. Nice video

  23. nexus 5!!

  24. Nice collection of apps! Keep up the good work!

  25. awesome video c4etech

  26. awesome video c4etech

  27. Wait….. who is this new voice, who is Arjen? You didn't make this video Ash? I am so confused

  28. What phone is he using?

  29. ȺƪòóŞƕ Ⱥɭ_Ŋʌѕʁʌɰƴ

    can you make intro like this for me please

  30. back ground enlarged image makes me annoying..

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