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Acer Swift 7 Review: Thinnest Laptop

The world’s thinnest, ultra-light, versatile laptop design is what gives Acer’s Swift 7 its distinguished sleekness and sophistication. Tailored for life-on-the-go Acer …

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  1. Copied the Samsung Series 9 design exactly…

  2. Awesome review, this is super thin.

  3. So how big is the display?

  4. Here is a laptop I am personally selling for 700$ this laptop is good for all around every thing. Gaming, watching movies browsing enternet etc https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/sys/5929531511.html

  5. Looks nice but it is Acer 🙁

  6. Hey! I wanted to know how is the leather holding up on your bang and olufsen h6 headphones? are the Ear pads losing their color or any significant ware?

  7. Help im tryna buy a console ps4 slim or pro or xbox one s white i dont have any 4k product but i still dont know what console should i get mostly out of ps4 pro or slim

  8. which do you prefer, this or the HP Spectre 2016? both look great IMO.

  9. um Samsung gets props for the thinnest with there new ultra book 9

  10. those bezels tho

  11. Mpamphs Kangourosaurous

    Acer ? no way

  12. $1k and no back-lit keyboard is a no go for me.

  13. The reason consumers like me do not buy touchscreens include they drain batteries by as much as 25%. If you are not using a pen they are a waste of money as they generally cost more, worse battery life and anything you can do with the touchscreen a good trackpad can do without smudging up the screen. Also I use mainly outdoors so finding a matte touchscreen is as rare as a value for money MS Surface product. I do agree that not having a backlit keyboard is a poor decision but I suspect it was to keep battery life in check as I doubt anyone will be getting close to 9 hours (most tests around 7 hours>below average). All in all a good product but way to expensive at the moment; £1000 for an i5 in the UK and with Windows business laptops selling like Windows Phones there are better specced alternatives at half the price. A definitive no buy then.

  14. How much is it?

  15. Portable Laptop? Are there any not portable ones?

  16. need some lotion my dude..

  17. I don't see the appeal in having laptops or phones be so thin. Would rather have a bigger battery.

  18. Wow, this was such a well done video! Great work!

  19. Great review

  20. 23rd!!!!! YAYAH

  21. 2nd

  22. Great work for informing us 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Sharp ✨✨❤️❤️

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