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Amazing Lasers! – LaserShow Flashlight!

Check out the world’s first 3 color hand-held laser show in a flashlight! Build your own: http://www.kipkay.com/wickedlasers
Get an “I Play With Lasers” T-Shirt!: http://bit.ly/LaserShirt

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CAUTION!! Lasers can be dangerous! Do not point them at any living thing! DO NOT look into the beam or the reflection of the beam. Always wear laser goggles.

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  1. wzd leo

    other devices。。hhh

  2. Lach Davis

    Wow that looks amazing

  3. Phayez

    tux 🙁

  4. Arian Murati

    rip TUX

  5. SomeRandomOtaku

    How can someone fislike this stuff? Its just pure amazingness!

  6. 1001100110 11001010101010


  7. Zoie P

    I'm at work on a Friday afternoon at least

  8. Mark Kavanagh

    R.I.P TUX

  9. technology productions 2017

    what happens if you shine it in some ones eye?

  10. Austin H

    Rip Tux:(

  11. theLMGN

    2:12 "Never look into a reflection of a lazer" Shrodingers light show?

  12. Jeric Lejano

    Is that selling at Dollor store??

  13. Siddhu Padhye

    page not found 404 error on his wicked laser website

  14. Muaro Yañez

    esa linterna debe vibrar más de lo que alumbra xd

  15. ProTech47

    instructions not clear , my cat is insane

  16. Miles

    At the beginning he points lasers at his cat. At the end he says not to point them at any living thing.

  17. Lord Byron

    Looks easy to do. Now if I can just get off my lazy ass. …LOL

  18. Lord Byron

    Very good dude! Thank goodness I pushed myself to get that BSEET from Devry Institute of Technology, otherwise, I wouldn't know where to start.

  19. Jamie Plaza

    How do you know this

  20. Co Cl

    yeah sure – – – Nevertheless, I haven't understood NOTHING ! is simple , that's what he says the guy above in the video, ! for when things ready in advance ? there we would just pull the trigger ! enough with blabla – – –
    Then First , when you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk ! that's what I learned I wont forget it , this is IT !!!

  21. Aus442

    Different Colour Lasers Other Then Red Are illegal In Australia

  22. Uchiha Sasuke

    "Do not point lasers at living things"
    *Points lasers at Tux in the beginning of video.

    (x) Doubt

  23. Alexander Jones

    "Please, plenty of ventilation, or you won't be able to finish this project."


    Excuse me, what´s the value of the Potentiometer ohms?

  25. Anthony Volkman

    Really awesome!!

  26. Pedro Teixeira

    Don't do what he does, do what he says.

  27. Dennis Meeks

    kip, what if you took 3 lasers a red, blue, and green and mounted the mirror in the reflector housing so the colors could blend like the light bulb did.. you would have a really bright flashlight … red green and blue, wouldn't that make white?

  28. RaVe_WOLFZ

    It is a 2 by 2 brick

  29. R4Z3


  30. Christian Perez

    Where do you get your lazers I want one

  31. 2strokemaddn3ss

    Kipkay I love your vids I was wondering if you have a Facebook mine is Zane Keranen

  32. NEWMAN!

    I like how he warns us not to point them at any living thing but then points all 3 at his cat. HAHA!

  33. Tanner S.

    tux is cool

  34. Dorit Contento

    That is not world first

  35. Kenny Vo

    I'm a fan kipkay make more videos

  36. WolfAlly109

    start a rave party with that

  37. Alexis GamingHD

    Hey Can please not shine the Lasers At the camera Thank you

  38. sparkyuiop

    I doubt Wicked Lasers would be happy that Kipkay website are are using their trade name in their URL. Wicked Lasers only make high power, high quality laser's and they don't look a bit like that Chinese crap inside!

  39. {ES} Sylvenight


  40. Jockelele

    why dont you fund this? D;

  41. Clayton Simpson

    Awesome !  Will you build me some of these and ship'em to me with all the components to secure my yard and house ?

  42. thenigh hawk

    kipkay you're thing dose not work you broke my lazer pen!!!!!!!!!

  43. TheJeej

    that is so awesome

  44. Makalon102

    "never point at any living thing" yet you point them at your cat at the beginning

  45. mikaven williams

    All collllllllllllllllll!

  46. David Meyer

    My mom bought me something like this nearly 18 years ago at Toys R Us. It had three different color laser diodes, but was very low power, and didn't show up except in very dark rooms, and only at close range.

  47. ngs5150

    where was this the last I was stoned?,This would have been great to have.



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