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Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet In Depth Review – New for 2016

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/2qo5b (affiliate link) – Amazon’s updated $89 Fire HD 8 tablet is not super powerful but is good for media consumption. See more …

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  1. Great insightful review…how do I get rid of all the useless apps? I have the 16 Gig in 8". Kids also have the 8 Gig 7" and I would like to clean there tablets up too. Thanks

  2. Going to get it tomorrow been looking for a tablet for under 100

  3. I've just ordered one. Is it possible to download Twitter, Instagram or Facebook on it?

  4. Is there ads?

  5. amazon tables suck i got one for Christmas and i miss my baby google

  6. Thank you for this review. You always find the best in these different products and I like that.

  7. I just had a flash back to the 90s looking at the stuff in the background!

  8. Great review.

  9. Only thing I hate about this tablet is the ads. Why do you have to deal with ads if you bought it? Amazon just being greedy. Glad I only bought it for $50

  10. You are living in the 90s.

  11. I have the same kindle fire tablet like this from amazon but its color is black

  12. Love your reviews. You keep me engaged the whole time, by constantly moving fast, which is my speed.

  13. Bought it for my little brother

  14. Getting mine tomorrow 😁

  15. MTK 8163 processor. I got a 16GB with ads for $60 black friday. I'm satisfied with everything but the charging time considering the price. I can watch about 6 movies on the tablet on a single charge but mine needs to charge overnight.
    It's very easy to put google services and playstore on these and there are people on youtube who post links to sites where you can download everything you need. But I have not done so because there could be some form of spyware in those google downloads, I mean more spyware than google itself. Lol

  16. Can you connect fire 8 to Bluetooth?

  17. Amazon tablets are stupid. Just get a Samsung tablet if you want a real android tablet.

  18. how do I get play store on my kindle 8

  19. Picked one from the Black Friday sales for $59.99. I did two firmware updates after I got it. Alexa was installed. Still playing around with that feature but it does work. Also if you have any Amazon books and you don't want to pay for the Audible narration you can use the built text to audio. It is not as good as audible but does a decent job of reading books. Also if you are prime customer and it will download a couple of prime movies called On Deck automatically. It does not affect your storage as it removes them automatically to keep space however you can still keep them on your sd card so they don't get automatically deleted. Great feature if you install a micro sd card if the app allows it, it will automatically download to your micro sd card. Same thing with your Amazon Books and Amazon prime and purchased movies.

  20. so good

  21. Is this worth bothering with if you don't have a prime membership?

  22. does this device heat easily / become hot with little use ?

  23. Great Review

  24. You need to drop "The New York Times," it will contaminate your tablet.

  25. can it play h.265 8bit 1080p videos?

  26. $60 right now, if you were thinking of purchasing it.

  27. Very great review with nice personality thrown in

  28. if you want the android appstore check my channel out it tells u in a vid

  29. How does it work with PDF and underlying by fingers? The touch is good enough? I haven't been able to find a macro to see how the screen resolution looks.

  30. aww my favorite color is purple and my kindle is blue because when i got mine there was only blue and pink

  31. your back shelf looks really interesting, some real old school devices … cool👍

  32. I know how to do a screenshot but don't know how to retrieve it. Can someone explain how to do this.

  33. How much is this tablet after tax?

  34. but how locked down? can i use my own videos copied to sd card? i think they try to make it hard to do these basic stuff

  35. Mines coming tommorow, I was wondering is this great for gaming?

  36. how about u focus more on the tablet and stick with the important stuff about the table then rather just continuously yapping

  37. I wonder if this tablet fits in my KP sling.

  38. is it safe to put Goggle play on the kindle fire 8

  39. how about for reading? how is the glare?

  40. how much was this tablet on black friday??

  41. Great reviews lon you make reviews fun to watch while learning at the same time. 😀

  42. Coming from a fire🔥7 tablet which I purchased last year I can say that this Amazon fire hd8 is head and shoulders above the fire 7 from last year. Firstly it's a better size for most tasks without being unwieldy to hold of transport and come in at a sweet spot between a 7" or 10" screen. Next comes the fact that this has a hd screen which again is something that was lacking from the fire 7 . The touch response was an area where the fire 7 was a bit of a letdown for me as it was just a bit too unresponsive at times and made typing a bit of a choir. Happily this has been rectified with the fire Hd8 and is as responsive as youd like. Battery life has had a massive improvement over it's smaller cousin too now up to around 5 hours extra in comparison making it around 12 hours before you need to connect it to a charger. Speed of operation is drastically improved thanks in part to more ram and a better processor along with Dolby stereo speakers instead of a mono speaker. Double the storage now comes standard 16th instead of 8gb and it's got a sleep wake function (when inserted in a compatable case) which was missing from the fire 7 too. I'm sure there are other improvements to this tablet that I haven't mentioned but suffice to say it's a massively improved device and at only £39 more than the fire 7 it is a no brainer if you want value for your money and a tablet that makes you glad you bought it. Ps Alexa is coming to all fire tablets in the coming weeks (free update) so they have a bright future that's for sure. Recommended.

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