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Android 5.0 Lollipop vs 4.4 KitKat – Features Comparison!

Android 5.0 Lollipop Features: http://bit.ly/1yN6LW0 My Videos: Nexus 5 vs Moto G: http://bit.ly/YsoUvx Google Nexus 5 Review: http://bit.ly/1oAW8yf Google …

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  1. i am not hating nor am i racist but was there a white guy who did the vid outside?

  2. why 🍭 in oppo F1plus not like that

  3. Well kitkat on Samsung j1 ace is so good

  4. ɥɔɐǝʎqǝpısʎʇʇɐɯʎʇʇɐɯ

    I usually thumbs-down videos that start with "what's up " HOWEVER, in this case it's a thumbs up for a very well done and informative offering. Thanks!

  5. I just noticed the switch to Marshmallow and it appears slower in a few vids – whats the concensus on Marshmallow better or worse than kitkat? I avoided Lollipop because it was a train wreck.

  6. like


  8. hamza turk ismi la

  9. mkbhd intro

  10. which is better?

  11. slenderman slender

    if you want to fuck up your pretty device, then update it to lollipop

  12. slenderman slender

    if you want to fuck up your pretty device, then update it to lollipop

  13. very god

  14. will lolipop update come out for Samsung j1

  15. Thanks for your nice video. Plz tell me how can i update my samsung s4 to lollipop without lost my apps and data?

  16. Batman Calling! Super Cool ;)

  17. I'll just get an iphone

  18. Just because your told something is good, doesn't mean it is. Everything google said about lollipop was super inflated hype. The reality is lollipop sucks sack.#1. The recents menu in lollipop is NOT better or easier to read or navigate than kitkats recents menu, Infact it's a lot more annoying and counter productive than kitkats recents menu. The only reason they "HAD" to change it is because the good kitkat version of the recents menu used the JIT compiler, The newer less productive recents menu in lollipop is about the best you can get from the shit ART compiler.#2. The notification menu suffers from the same crap as the first thing I mentioned, It's uglier, counter productive (more swipes/clicks to achieve the same thing that you could on kitkat with less clicks/swipes) and once again they "HAD" to change it to a worse notification menu due to not having the JIT compiler.#3. Material design is a JOKE, it's UGLY and ALOT less detailed than kitkat.#4. Lollpoop is a joke, there is FAR less details in absolutely everything compared to kitkat (especially on ALL desktop icons) lollipop is a locked down, dumbed down, iphone style, POS. The ONLY thing android could do worse than what they've already done is put is under some iTunes style shit, which I know is coming. Android-tunes anyone?? Android lollipop can suck a fat one. lollipop is cool for about a month, until you realize how much they fucked you.

  19. you only observerd the bad side about kitkat and the good side to lollipop.you even told us that if your a computer geek you know about this.also the lollipop got great features but there comparison tells that kitkat runs flawlessly(no bugs at all).and lollipop got(the exact opposite of what i did say).lollipop doesnt need root-games,apps,tools crashes in a minute kitkat needed root but in some point we got tools that can help-rarely crashes

  20. How can I get Batman's phone number?:p

  21. kikkat had more speed but i really love screen pinning on lollipop. Probally the best feature in lollipop

  22. Nice Name

  23. lollipop is much better then kitkat. it is like a new prime version of Android, so much has been improved and added and the performance even if your processor is week, the performance is really amazing.

  24. EP Washere (halo64654)

    Fuck you lollipop!

  25. miui 6 already have some features of android 5.0 .

  26. Lollipop sux Bad

  27. عاشت ايدك ؛)

  28. For some reason I personally prefer kit Kat it's more stable and faster at loading apps and Playing games hopefully a lollipop update will come for my ZTE speed then I can compare both

  29. i love 4.4 KitKat
    lolipop beta not complet

  30. "On Android 5.0 it's much easier" Yeah, and iOs has true multitasking.

  31. I like the kitkat buttons better and I have a nexus 7 2012 with android 5.1.1

  32. I orderd a great phone from china wich came with android 5.0.
    But that andoid 5.0 has the kitkat logo. Very strange,

  33. Good one man!!!

  34. Phone call notification already available at miui cusrom, and it's jelly bean 4.2.2 :)

  35. Darizona Whitehead

    Different phones have different unlocks…get 2 of the same phone n try it

  36. pick up the phone Robin… ;(

  37. I have never seen that material design player, with those animations and stuff. Does anyone know if it exists?

  38. bias comparison..idiot!

  39. which is better for sony xperia t2 ultra dual…i have kitkat right now..should i install the rooted version of android lollipop..will it work ? will there be bugs?

  40. Thanks nice video.
    I have a problem with the lollipop 5.0.1 on note 4. After the hard reset my floating action button in contact is gone I cannot create new contact any help would be appreciated. 

  41. Help me !!!!
    I jst found that new update is available i.e lollipop 5.0.0 .. Bt mine is kit kat note 3..
    And when i read the info. On update it said that it will remove widgets like u tube and others….. And even decreases memory… Wat should i do?????.

  42. You Offended a Kit kat User Btw we Have Guest Mode And Kit Kat Runs Better Than Jelly bean and Some Others that nobody uses any more like Gingerbread i think

  43. I currently flashed my note 3 to 5.0.2 an its horrible its awfull my ram is soo high my phone is laggy it freezes image clip dont work clip board is fucked up screen rotat is messed up every thing buttens wont push when i push them i constantly have to do restarts fuck it im going back to 4.4.4 kit kat where things are less buggy an shit works !!!!

  44. Have you noticed bugs or glitches when using Lollipop? I have a Nexus 5, went from Kitcat to Lollipop and my phone is slower, battery power doesn't last as long, and it randomly shuts down. 

  45. Great vid! Awesome job. Thanks for adding it. Wiiner gets a subscriber! 

  46. Thanks!! It worked in S2G :)

  47. Lolipop is downgraded in performance.KitKat was way too muck better

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