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Android N vs Windows 10 Mobile Feautures, Comparison, Overview

A quick overview between Google’s upcoming Android N and Microsoft’s current latest OS Windows 10 for Phones. Both are running under preview program, …

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  1. Android is great for kids and people who play pokemon, and Windows is a lot better for business professional's, i think.

  2. What is the feedback for 640xl while power using ?

  3. Jeevan Samuel Selvaraj

    Wifi network name is shown in toggle shortcut itself in Windows 10 mobile. No need to go into settings to see the name like Android :)

  4. Kieran O' Sullivan

    Hi Gupta,
    I'am Irish and thought i speak fast, I even tested this out, if i speak really fast and the subject of the conversion is let's say about the weather, most people can follow what i say, even with a Heavy Irish accent.

    Gupta when you speak about general stuff, i can follow what you say as we all can follow! because our brain will catch up and fill in the blanks.
    But when you are telling us about specific features or new tech, i find it harder to follow you. Can you talk a bit slower when explaining technical stuff.

    Great Video 🙂


  5. Christopher Fernandes

    You have really have good knowledge and your content is also great… BUT your accent brings you down. In international level you need to improve your accent cuz western people who are used to fancy accent won't get it.

  6. Nowadays, the only advantage of Android over WP10 is the app store. Some people complain about the crashes on W10 devices or bugs problems, but as an Android user, my Sony M2 had crashed as well and I'm worried about the viruses found in the store. Both WP10 and Android are really cool OS. I'll go for WP10 at the end of the day.

  7. update every news

    Sir can you say me why word flow keyboard. Nit available. In windows phone. But in ios

  8. Did you record this on a Windows Phone?

  9. Hey where'd u get the green back cover? That is nice.

  10. Your accent is hard to understand o.O

  11. Funny think: Windows Phone 7 – 8.1 shows you the Quick Info in Settings. Only Windows 10 Mobile not. And in Android N it's a new Feature.

  12. Both os-es are nice. I currently use WM10. Just cause of concept. All in one place. But also android N looks sleek and nice, only too much of things that i dont acc use..But i think there is no incapable os today. All of them can do pretty much everything. Just fan of WM10 tiles and minimalism/flat.

  13. Direct reply from notification was introduced first on windows, and it's clean and uniform compared to lagdroid

  14. Why didn't you update Instagram on Windows? I updated it on 15th May (on My Windows Telephone)

  15. And now we have a more iOS looking Instagram app as of mid-May.

  16. When testing out things, like the camera you may want to put them in the right orientation. :P

  17. sorry guys i kept saying auto tune but it comes under auto enhance

  18. I have 640xl at night time when I try to take a pic it doesn't look good even at the daylight the colour of the photo changes.(selfie cam)

  19. What is the Windows version in this video?

  20. how can i get glance screen on my lumia 730 ?

  21. How do u get the camera option on the lockscreen in the navigation bar on Windows

  22. My glance screen doesn't show weather update…i have set it on my lock screen settings but it doesn't show weather update.. How did you set can u please help to set

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