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Android tablet pc hard reset (Easy with this software).

works well on chines android tablets! 1.Download the android tool. https://www.mediafire.com/?7se8s62sj1y5fpo 2.extract and save to any location on computer …

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  1. phone connect kaise hoga

  2. yo bro its says device not found

  3. to fastboot mode 7-9 key

  4. this s fake

  5. it works windows 10 tnx a lot

  6. my galaxy star does not enable usb debugging and i cant' boot my phone in recovery mode. i forgot my password so help me plz

  7. THX SIR :D

  8. how to reformat iLLY S2 , too many pattern attempts?

  9. i need help. its says that device is offline. what should i do

  10. there is a virus in the download link

  11. showing error

  12. XxlmodderExisth14 Darrag

    do not download it

  13. XxlmodderExisth14 Darrag

    its a fxcking virus i downloaded it and google chrome said cat download its a wirus

  14. This Guy Is Awesome. Thanks Man!

  15. it worked mate superb

  16. Tnx Sir.. success to format my tab

  17. thank u very much!i've resetted my tab huya!!!

  18. Will it remove virus off the andriod

  19. This program uninstalled windows explorer on my computer. and detected by malware bytes

  20. bro my phone's volume buttons not working and its showing android is upgrading because I have changed its builder name.how can I fix it…

  21. thanks man u save me 2000

  22. suryansh vishwakarma


  23. Harold Ian L. Suarez

    is this need adb installer

  24. Harry James Potter

    connect your charger… :-p

  25. love u…

  26. u r … genius bro

  27. Rishabsai Wazarkar

    Thanks bruh. My tablet fixed!!

  28. a tous les français qui regarde cette vidéo. c tout simplement un truc de dingue gga a toi gro !

  29. it look easy but i wonder if it work need to wipe my phone data it got a bad virus an it not going

  30. the program doesn´t work on estar

  31. please give me the link to download that application.

  32. Your spelling is worse that your video quality.

    Just joking.
    But its Chinese BTW

  33. please help my car tablet andriod 621,freeze on reboot.nothing i try not working.

  34. worked like a charm thnaks

  35. not work…why???? always saying device didn't find…

  36. my phone was crashed on this process its get white screen and its not on so what am i do

  37. android multy tool is dun

  38. Reset GMail worked to unlock pattern on Ctroniq C79Q

  39. thank

  40. can it reset a tab which is off

  41. hi,my tablet is xtouch model PL72 and it gets stuck on android logo how to facrory reset it?

  42. works 2016?

  43. nice virus :D

  44. thanxs you so much

  45. Thanks so much My Ipro Android tablet was locked up because of,to many attempts at the password this was such an easy fix…because of your video

  46. IT IS A SPYWARE IT WILL COPYING YOUR BILLING INFORMATION AND CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND SO ON…… IT ALSO COPYING YOUR IDENTITY….. i always fall in this trick thats why my pc was always slowing down,

  47. it is not working.

  48. Try looking for ADB Driver installer.Plug in the USB to your tab/device and run it. It finds the correct driver for your device, what ever it may be and installs it for you. You then run the above software and all works well from there on.

  49. Hi Sir! Good day. Could you please help me reseting a china android tablet? I already downloaded all the software reset needed but nothings happened. I followed all the instruction but still locked and can't open the tablet… Thank you! you help will greatly appreciated. Thankng you in advance.

  50. it doesn't work on windows 8 !!!

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