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Android Tutorial 9 – The Navigation Drawer

This tutorial covers how to use the navigation drawer (Navigation View) with the new material design support libraries, and use fragments to change the window …

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  1. Pleas link to your wallpaper.

  2. Hi, can u give me this word document thank's by the way thank u about this video

  3. Ivan Ricardo Lopes

    ok, imagine we have main fragment in menu drawer, can we start the application with the menu item "main fragment" selected?

  4. my app crashes when i click on gallery i need a solution

  5. nattapat wonbiasuj

    thank you very much for your help.

  6. Thank-you so much for your help, your technique is too easy and understandable, again thanks for this video.
    can you make video about tab layout.

  7. Can you make a Google Maps integration tutorial it'll really help. P.S this tutorial was amazing thanks definitely subscribing and liking.

  8. Great example, thanks !

  9. so you copy a shit load of lines and nowhere to be found….

  10. Nice tutorial. Well done .. Please speak a little louder so we can here more clearly

  11. How do I change the layout of the navigation drawer? I want to make my own buttons inside the navigation drawer

  12. Dj GreenBucket (Dj GreenBucket)

    i have an issue where i get the error FragmentTransaction cannot be resolved.. any help?

  13. Tshegofatso Lobatsi

    how do you make the buttons: MAIN and GALLERY to navigate to the other activities

  14. Buddhika Ranasinghe

    Thanks a lot
    Works like a charm (Y) (Y) (Y)
    Saved my day too 🙂 🙂 :)

  15. hi i really like your tutorial its so easy to understand and it works for me but when i tried to make 3 fragments first is the main then next is the gallery i added a third fragment and when i try to click it in the navigation drawer it does not show the third fragment what can i do to fix this please help :(

  16. why you people never talk about how to support different screen sizes?

  17. Great vid. How do we add ability to one of buttons to toggle opening / closing of the navigation drawyer? Thx

  18. Where do I find the nav buttons? Because I want to change my own nav buttons since this is a good template for my working app

  19. where is the adapter for the items?

  20. W/PathParser: Points are too far apart 4.000000596046461

  21. can I know why I cant add and expandableview list in your any fragment ?
    plz reply me :)

  22. great class

  23. Thanks for the video. I followed the instructions exactly but couldn't get it to work? When I click on the items in the drawer, it doesn't load the fragment for the selection? I get this error?

    java.lang.RuntimeException: MainActivity@10f3420f must implement OnFragmentInteractionListener

    At :6:00, that's wrong…it doesn't work when you do this.

  24. Valeriano Embodo Jr

    How to add home button in the action toolbar. I mean the arrow pointing at the right in your fragments

  25. Starting a new activity on navigation drawer item click?

  26. Hey mister easy I need this but your too fast.

  27. Hye , how to add login activity that connect with PHPMySQL using this navigation drawer template ? i mean send/retrieve the data from MySQL database. hope you can make the tutorial on that. because in this tutorial, u r using fragments, not activity . thanks.

  28. hhhjhhjjj

  29. I got the fragment to load but now its cutting off the top of the fragment. Any help?

  30. This is great, but you should really do something about the sound

  31. copy .. past -_- ,, nothing to be learned

  32. Thanks bro it helped a lot.

  33. Hello dear.. I have followed ur steps but i m getting this error: No resource found that matches the given name (at 'id' with value '@id/fregment_container').Please help me

  34. Shangeeth Adiyapatham

    What is the image upload plugin

  35. superb tutorials! Thanks;)

  36. how to remove snackbar and floating button from drawer activity. i remove the .xml from app_bar_main.xml but the java code gives error. when i tried to remove from main activity.java the hamburger sign is one too even though i can slide from l to r to open nav draver?
    i want instead of a snackbar and floating button a adsense ad banner at the bottom

  37. very thx man

  38. Thank You

  39. When I do ( R.id.fragment_container, fragment) the las fragment apears in Red! whyy?

  40. I want to make a navigation drawer which has a list of buttons which are derived from a database. As in , I can add or remove a button through some activity inside the app
    For ex: The navigation drawer displays a list of rooms which I add or delete from a "add" and "delete" buttons respectively inside another activity.

  41. Que ótimo vídeo. Obrigado, pois você ajudou muito!

  42. followed up but getting this error. Any help on that?

    Caused by: android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #16: Error inflating class android.support.design.widget.NavigationView
    at android.view.LayoutInflater.createView(LayoutInflater.java:626)
    at android.view.LayoutInflater.createViewFromTag(LayoutInflater.java:702)
    at android.support.v7.app.AppCompatDelegateImplV7.setContentView(AppCompatDelegateImplV7.java:280)

  43. excelent video, great tutorial

  44. how to create navigation drawer from the right side?

  45. Excellent video.
    I'm just learning Android and my concern is that on the Material podcast recently, practically all the developers they spoke to at Google IO 2016 don't like/use fragments.

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