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Android tutorial for beginners – 89 – List paired Bluetooth devices

How to list out paired Bluetooth devices in android and how to display them in a ListView in android. Get the source code from here …

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  1. thank you, works absolutely fine..:)

  2. You're amazing. Like spider-man.

  3. please , can you help me….
    i run the application pair device via bluetooth,,, and i wrote code how to send picture via bluetooth..
    but my problem is how can send that picture to pair device that i am click on it.

  4. what platform did you use to develop that?

  5. didn't work. you basically did the same thing in video 88. I don't think permissions are correct, how are you able to discover devices…

  6. Sorry sir…hadnt counted on being spied on in my home w/o my knowledge….then lied to baldfacedly…then, well…got any "reverse-engineering" tips for a brokenhearted female whippingboy?

  7. Thank you very much sir.

  8. Praveen Gadiyaram

    sir,it's not working,please once check the code

  9. Hey do u mby have a tutorial for connecting to a paired bluetooth device ? I have to connect to a bluetooth device from my phone and send a string to it

  10. Is it possible that you could upload a tutorial on how we can send and receive values using bluetooth??

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