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Apple iPhone 4s Features Review And Test with Siri

http://www.jeiboy.net/ iPhone 4s Features is incredibly unique and advanced phone ever made today, features are super improved and the most exciting part is …

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  1. nice

  2. does it have expand app

  3. Manikjit Singh Sarna

    really good sir!!! i thought that there wasn't

       much update but you changed my review

  4. VariousVaughnVlogs

    That rollie looking fresh sir

  5. will I have a iphone 4 and its the same phone realy but the iphone 4s has siri so I don't realy want it

  6. Levan Scantlebury

    is that a gold rolex ??

  7. 1:20 if he thinks thats a conversation he needs to get out more…smooth talker lol

  8. nice watch…and phone i guess

  9. Grandpa wont lemmie have an iphone5s sp im getton this! Lol yaaaaayyy

  10. Nice job, Apple salesman.

  11. ask siri to sing for you… its funny

  12. Among Siri there is another app called Vlingo is as fast as siri but u cant have a conversation with it.. It just completes task like ..search the web.. text dad .. call mum.. find a place.. what the distance…etc But enough talking go ahead and download it ur self
    got to 1mobile.com and search Vlingo virtual assistant very easy


  13. i just orderd one via internet. am excited to have one but am kinda not sure either lol. presently i use HTC hero which i like either but i have problem with its screen

  14. i got one today

  15. Im getting one this friday for my b-day gift i cant wait my friends have one and we play around with siri

  16. I hope so dude.

  17. Hopefully i am getting one for my Birthday! ( 7th June )

  18. thats fuckin epic

  19. I have an iPhone 4.

  20. be happy with what you've got, i cant even afford a 3g, for a 4s i'd have to save up a year

  21. aaaaaaammmmmmaaaaazingggggg

  22. amazing work on this! subbed 

  23. Thanks for making this! 

  24. I wish iphone would come out with a prepaid one

  25. @Dexpend exactly! really awesome iPhone 4S review and I'm interested to the iPhone 4S offer, I will grab one and hope my luck this Christmas, thanks for this awesome info.

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