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Apple iPhone sales break records, Amazon invests in air delivery

The most important tech stories of the day include Apple’s record-breaking iPhone sales and Walmart’s latest answer to Amazon Prime. Plus Amazon’s major air …

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  2. Hello Cnet. Please fix your video playback on your website. I'm a long term follower. It lets you get 40 seconds into a video and jumps into a new one. Thanks

  3. The iPad should pick up this coming year with the latest released posing to come out in March.

  4. I live in Cincinnati and heard about that on the radio. Instead of 2day shipping, in Cincinnati it'll bee 2hr shipping!

  5. No one is buying iPads these days, an iPhone plus is huge enough. When iPads first came out, they were famous ,of how big they were.

  6. I wondered if those sales include the ones they gave to their employees

  7. Payhole Everdouche

    I just purchased an amazing Foreskin Wallet from Amazon. It comes built in with over three millennia of guilty pleasures & smells like musk.

  8. it has been silent sale for the past 4 month… and iphone sale is drop suddenly they have 1 canadian queue to get new iphone 7 ….bomm! iphone sale is on fire!!

  9. Maybe if they made iPad mini with pro level specs, they'd sell more

  10. Third 🙆🏻

  11. lol

  12. first

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