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Apple Watch Series 2 vs Samsung Gadget S3

Here we compare the Apple Watch Series 2 vs Samsung Gadget S3 frontier. More info on the Samsung Gadget S3 Frontier: http://amzn.to/2hXKaqd More info on the …

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  1. Definitely gear s3 !!!!!

  2. i hope there will be a review between Polar M400 Vs Samsung Gear S3. *wink

  3. Anyone here using gear s3 on an iphone?

  4. fucking Apple looks like a girlie toy watch

  5. Samsung wins

  6. Sürüşlerin Efendisi

    I see 42mm as rival to gear s3 not 38mm. Why compare the battery 38mm iwatch vs gear s3? 42mm has definitely larger battery and lasts clearly longer. So not a fair comparison.

  7. Samsung – the Best

  8. Automobile for abandon grow everyday aware tape float existing friendly.

  9. Samsung Gear s3 is the best smartwatch right Now. forget apple shit. huawei is better than apple watch. fuck Gay tim Cook in the ass😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. My boss has s2 and he is a right knobhead says it all

  11. The s3 might burn your wrist off though

  12. Look your vids waj

  13. Can we download Gear app on an i-phone 6 or 6s?

  14. 38 mm you puss. Unfair comparison

  15. best songs Lyrics

    all says that samsung is better… nooo
    apple better

  16. Now, Samsung gear s3 is compatible with apple.

  17. apple look awesome

  18. I like the larger S3. It is much easier to read, especially the dates and the watch faces look much better on the larger dial than on my S2. Plus the S3 looks like a classic watch, not some puny Mickey Mouse kids watch.

  19. give aways please 😢😢

  20. The S3 looks like something a soldier war in WW2. What a huge outdated looking thing.

  21. the s3 looks like a cheap g shock apple watch looks more premium faster and better os

  22. A “Multitasking” Dude

    You can't compare these; no sim (LTE) on crapple, period! Besides that, one looks like a real watch and the other just looks like a toy. Have a great Sunday everybody.

  23. Gear s3 is look matured than apple one..

  24. been a android user for 4 years and switched to iProduct was lit! never regret this experience … and it changed my life. i still love android tho .

  25. The S3 looks like something the Avengers or Batman would use…

  26. android master race

  27. samsung pay is amazing

  28. Gear s3 will also work with iOS devices.

  29. the gear s3 is as fast as my samsung tab 3

  30. Samsung Gear S3 wins hands down cause now it can connect to the iPhone as well (I don't own a iPhone) as Android.

  31. im an apple fanboy but samsung deserve's the win this time

  32. I have a iPhone 7 and series 2 apple watch. The truth is, they are like best friends ! They are made for each other ONLY! #iloveit

  33. when u cant access the gear becouse you have forgotten your pin what do you do

  34. What is the water resistance level?

  35. when are apple people going to start to realize they keep giving apple money for the same product over and over

  36. I hate the apple watch because you need a phone with you all the time

  37. Apple Watch looks like a toy…

  38. That U2 album tho

  39. Iaersadl Iaersadl


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