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Awesome Tech Gift Ideas For Guys!

Awesome items from Lifeproof, Logitech, Canon, Iriscard, Adidas, Sleepace, EcoBee, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Apple, Nvidia, Rectonics, Blu, and Asus!

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  1. Feminist triggered incoming…

  2. I am a bit offended, I am a female and interested in alllll these tech items, I suggest you to do another episode for females that will be a fair and square game!

  3. I love your voice!!! and video of course!!!!

  4. Dope video man, awesome work.

  5. Excellent video as always! :)

  6. Awesome. Great video as usual. Please give us more info on that asus router. Happy early Father's Day to you.

  7. Awesome Vid Jon! Great choices!  All of them could easily fit my tech needs hahahaha I'll play the video "casually" when my fiancee is home lol

  8. great stuff

  9. Did anyone notice the RED card reader on his desk? Are you hiding something?

  10. im starting to think this entire channel is fake

  11. Dang.. The list of stuff!! Great video bro

  12. Nice video and really informative. Please do an in depth review of the router will really appreciate it

  13. Really awesome ideas. Great video thanks.

  14. Excellent video as always.

  15. another amazing vid, thanks so much!

    ps, please do an in-depth review of the router.

  16. great video as always
    by the way did you started recording the voice over without script?

  17. I've been debating for awhile if I should get an Apple Watch or just get a cheaper Fitbit that is able to do the same thing except maybe answer calls and texts.

  18. Good morning

  19. Hey man, when are you gunna start using the red?

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