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Battlefront 2 Single Player, More Switch Storage, New Samsung Tablet

EA boss confirms single player campaign for Star Wars Battlefront 2. The Nintendo Switch Developer version has 64GB of storage. Samsung is set to unveal …

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  1. Not a lot of tech news shows manage to be entertaining. Praise lord Zeus for Netlinked Daily!

  2. Mathias Tellefsen


  3. sajjadhossain rhidoy

    i need that processor it will be a pretty good upgrade

  4. gimme dat FX8370

  5. that fx 8370 will sure be a good replacement for my current fx 6300 ;-;

  6. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

  7. wraith cooler? that looked like the old-style box.

  8. 64GB of storage feature Make It a standard requirement Nintendo It could be a new awesome dank Switch!!!

  9. thx for the tech news.

  10. AMD??? more like OMG!!!

  11. My cup is blue.

  12. FX pls read this comment dawg

  13. comment

  14. JoshuaDavidBaughman

    I'm commenting cause I want that processor so I can upgrade my boys CPU

  15. sheesh we've come full circle and people are now excited for a "single player feature" which was a standard requirement 5 years ago

  16. nice work

  17. Francisco Moreno Roca


  18. a new processor would do me good

  19. The Computer Freak

    If the switch doesn't sway people, I think Nintendo might have to leave the console word!

  20. NUTS

  21. Mew [Jacob/PwnAzn]

    wow dank

  22. Your welcome jack..

  23. Thanks for be awesome guys

  24. hi

  25. Huevito duro ganó!

  26. awesome stuff!

  27. The chanel chanel

    Gimme my CPU.

  28. Tryna switch intel tho

  29. A new processor would be awesome!

  30. A new processor would be awesome!

  31. I want battlefront 2 and I want the single player campaign! I just hope its based on the original movies or at least the original 6.

  32. Canadian Bacon= Magic/my mornings

  33. Tech News is pretty much the only way I get tech news XD

  34. Hope battlefront 2 come with a good campaign! Sorrybad English, Brazil here! :)

  35. lightning round?

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