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Best Android Apps – Early 2015

Some of MY favorite apps, and apps to get you started in the new year! Apps listed below WITH links! Enjoy! (Yes, I know these apps were released last year and …

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  2. thank u

  3. which device is that?

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  6. how do u edit ur vid

  7. Hi every body,
    Is there any application that makes my notification LED blinking while downloading? (like the modem flashing lights)
    Any idea would be appreciated, Thanks.

  8. locket lock screen app isn't showing in play store!!! 😐

  9. What's the launcher he is using???!!! plz reply love that landscape mode on menu

  10. Happy (Late) New Years!

  11. Liam Christ Angeles

    download this it's good free paid app download its aptoid

  12. Great list, and great app desceiptions

  13. nice vid

  14. what keyboard is that?

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