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Best Laptops under Rs 30,000 | India [December 2016]

Here are some laptops you can buy in India Rs 30000 HP APU Quad Core A8 …

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plays on his moms laptop


  1. liked this review awesome

  2. HP 15-AY542TU is it good choice for 30k?
    Pls reply

  3. what about lenovo ideapad

  4. may I run AutoCAD and reviet software in Dell i3

  5. sir how is Asus x555la

  6. can u plz tell me the best non gaming laptop with windows 7 OS under Rs 30,000 ?

  7. is HP APU quad core a8 is good for student purpose and gaming like playing GTA 5????
    I want to buy this laptop if this 2 thing works

  8. plz tell mi which laptop should I buy in 25k, I want to use it for programing so heavy s/w should be run smoothly… not for gaming

  9. Please review Asus A540LJ laptop….. Thank you

  10. sir can u plz tell me best laptop under 35k with good web cam for recording videos and with good battery backup.
    i have a loptop hp ba007au with 1mp hd web cam but the video quality is not good.
    plz help. thanks

  11. I'm a music producer (future house) I use many Software could you please suggest me One!

  12. how is Lenovo U41 70 i3 , 1.68 kg , FHD, backlit keyboard., 4gb, 1tb, i3 5th gen.
    any other alternative?
    weight is a factor

  13. Is acer e5 572 worth to buy at 30k

  14. may I run oracle, Java type of software on HP Quad core A8 laptop

  15. need a laptop with in $600…. need thin laptop….. I prefer 8gb ram 1thd…plz suggested me bro

  16. Hello… Can u help me out… M buying my first laptop…my requirements are… Multitasking, clear display n Gud sound as I watch movies a lot, 1TB storage, 4gb ram, durable… And main thing is tat the ram n processor must b gud… In order to avoid glitches… Help me out

  17. good luck bro
    kar diya subscribe

  18. hi Sid bro iam bit confused. between the performance of AMD R5 AND NVIDIA 940 Because iam a fan of Nvidia and I never used AMD before so should I go with HP laptop with AMD or Acer with Nvidia ??

  19. hi Sid bro iam bit confused. between the performance of AMD R5 AND NVIDIA 940 Because iam a fan of Nvidia and I never used AMD before so should I go with HP laptop with AMD or Acer with Nvidia ??

  20. hello sir
    I have one question to ask
    is graphics card is needed for AUTOCAD SOFTWARE?plz ans

  21. bro which laptop is better in this

  22. dell ka inspiron 3558 me specs different he flipkart me. Kya flipkart galat he ya aap? please clarify the doubt.

  23. how much graphics is the r5

  24. Sir my requirement is that I want a laptop within Rs.30000 with good speakers. Now I'm not able to decide between Dolby(mostly Lenovo) and DTS or B&O(Hp). Obviously if my budget goes above 50k I'll definitely get awesome speakers but within this range help me find something better.

  25. so, of all the lappies u showed, which one will you suggest me SYD if i tell you i'm a coder and a gamer..

  26. also I want minimum Intel core i5 6th gen

  27. Hi I want to do heavy gaming,office work,watch movies on my laptop and my budget is Rs30000 only. I want minimum 4 GB of ram with nividia 2GB integrated graphics. Can you please suggest me a best laptop ?

  28. man i do not understand, how 1080p footage runs in my lenovo G50

  29. Sir can u please suggest me which laptop to buy around a budget ok 30k ….

  30. ChuChu N BhenCock

    bhale hi features kam ho but chalna zada time ke liye chahiye aur bina hang hue
    So plz tell which one of them can work fine for years ?
    plz reply

  31. what about dell vostro 3568

  32. can you suggest me a laptop with CPU: Core i3-3250T 3.0GHz vs AMD A10 5800K
    •RAM: 8 GB
    •OS: Windows 7/ 8 / 8.1 / 10 64 Bit
    •Video Card: PNY GeForce GT 720 1GB DDR3 Graphics Card
    under 30000

  33. top lapto under 30k for gaming and internet browsing

  34. i want to buy laptop because i want learn computer courses
    and watch movies soo plzzz sugesst one

  35. sir I want to purchase a laptop under 30k for movie game and timepass pls suggest me…

  36. olready subscribed😊!!bdw i am an engineering student..n ofen come across 3D designing n Autocad tasks..so can u recommend me a laptop best suitable for me!!

  37. Hey need a laptop under 30k for multimedia and productivity can u help

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