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Best Tech Gifts Under $200 – Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Here is the coolest tech you can get for under $200: Links for The US – Pebble Time (US): http://amzn.to/1OUan17 – AMD R9 380 (US): hthttp://amzn.to/1OSbtw9 …

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  1. Thanks for putting links for those different places! I'm from the uk and I find it really gust eating when youtubers only put it for the American website! Thanks sooo much!!!!😀

  2. you are the best man, your videos are very awesome without compliment

  3. Where's the dual boot tutorial?

  4. Pebble should not be in this list.

  5. nice one .

  6. So I have a 500w Evga psu about 9-10 months old by now. My pc is currently running an 8150, 16gb corsair ram, a sabertooth 990fx, hyper 103 cooler and 3 HDDs. However I am going to upgrade my gpu to a 960 4g which I have already purchased… Do you think my psu will handle these? Thanks

  7. This guy is a pro, his videos are so clean and just perfect every time.

  8. I thought Pebble is the ugliest of all the smartwatches.

  9. do Yosemite for windows

  10. Waj did you drop some weight? You look different :)

  11. you play bass bruh

  12. ENvidia?

  13. Hey mr. technology! I built a computer 3 months ago and I was thinking if it is stupid that I would buy a new case and a couple fans and put my stuff in there. My computer is running r9 380, i5 4460 with stock cooler in Antec gx500 case. Why? Because I don't like the shape of the case, it is loud and my room keeps getting hot. I would really appreciate professional help.

  14. It's insane the amount of words you are able to spit out in a matter of 3 seconds.

  15. I agree with the tweets in the pebble portion btw.

  16. Im back ✌️

  17. pebble? is it even any good. no touch…

  18. do 300 dollars

  19. nahuel n (shininchi77)

    in argentina a al of that stuf cost 1000 dolars +. jajajaj quiero llorar

  20. Frist

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