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Best Windows Apps: Top 7 Free Windows 10 Apps

Here are the best Windows Apps for 2018. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more content like this: https://www.youtube.com/user/TasiaCustode

In this video, I share my top 7 FREE Windows 10 apps. These are my picks for the best Windows apps you can have on your PC in 2018. Here’s who made my list of the best Windows Apps:
Adobe Photoshop Express
Chrome / Firefox
File History
Office Online
Revo Uninstaller

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  2. I apologize in advance if I'm wrong. There is no chrome app for windows 10. Do you actually use windows 10? I doubt it or you wouldn't be in such a good mood. Microsoft does everything they can to force you use their programs or apps like Bing, Edge, Cortana, Maps,live tiles, why is everything so difficult, the windows store and apps, what a joke, chrome and firefox they aren't in the app store on the planet I live on, either is google, youtube or any usefull app. I noticed itunes is on there, half a gig? if you read the reviews for itunes and lot of other apps they don't work, not only are they inferior they are barely functional, its an embarrassment. Why can't I turn updates off? My computer is constantly updating and changing all my setting so im using their products again. it takes an hour at least and a huge amount of data, 36 gb and one week to update to win 10 from win 7 which i didn't approve, the computer was so slow after i could barely use it, after every minor forced update now at least one thing has to be fixed, my wifi is gone, like it never existed and my computer is full of more adware crap trying to sell me something. I have been trying to turn off auto updates for over a year. Why is control panel and settings different? Windows 10 is a stripped operating system, where they charge you for basic functions called apps that don't work. Like watching a DVD on your computer. Nope can't do that anymore $19.99 and it still doesn't work. I can't even find notepad or the save button on this piece of crap. It's probably apps you pay for, I should be happy they still allow me to use my mouse and keyboard. Media player barely runs. Film and tv, it works but instead of 360 function how about the ability to take a %$#% screenshot or control play speed or use youtube. The photo app, how difficult is it to pull up photos i saved to the computer from a SD disk to a photos folder, that windows recommended? Apparently there is more than one photos folder because they aren't in there and every once in a while they make an appearance in other apps which can find them until the update! It also takes forever to open the picture app (like every other task, I actually have time to think did I not double click or is it crashed again, it's not like my computer is working away, what is the hold up?) and then it's always the last two random pics i saved off the net, it can't find my photos or videos I uploaded from a zip drive to the computer. Cortana? I see people asking her questions, for me she ALWAYS ignores me and doesn't even acknowledge me and just looks up the q on the internet? We got along in Halo. What happened? I could have looked up the q in half the time if I had chrome or google if it even made sense. "how are you cortana?" I don't even think Cortana uses bing or AI for that matter. The desktop and tablet modes on my laptop.Lol. Cutting edge stuff there, like the menu in windows 8, was that random when it popped up then the cursor was near the bottom corner. The action center is great too. Do you want to update? Do I want Nortan antivirus? over and over. I like how you can download hundreds of apps to personalize your desktop, it changes the background pic every few minutes. I keep thinking, how does four photos and a screensaver get 4 and a half to 5 stars for all 300 of them. Google earth, wire frames, street view, astronomy apps, are five stars. I noticed that the personalization app doesn't even work anymore, like dark mode and afk times so it can update when your not using it Apparently I'm the only one with problems with this operating system. I keep looking around for Ashton Kutcher to jump out, this has to be a joke and I'm getting punked. At least your better to look at and listen to than thio Joe.

  3. Sorry but, there's nothing new..

  4. Thanks Tasia

  5. Can i kiss your lips…

  6. Hi I'm from India and i want to know how to auto play YouTube video on Facebook plz reply me

  7. Hi Tasia . How are you doing?
    There are many favorite apps of mine but some of them are mentioning below.
    1>Puffin Browser
    You can check them .

    And thanks to you because you show office online which currently helping me a lot.

  8. jeeradate kaowkanchana

    NotePad ++

  9. sharex
    Perfect tube

  10. I have a couple of the apps that you have presented in your video. Do you know something about NANO antivirus? It’s a free App for Cloud scanning of viruses in little files (20 Mb could be the limit) and it’s free too, and you can find it in the Windows store. I’ve seen also your video about apps for Mac. Booth of them videos are very interesting. Greetings from Mexico!.

  11. What's on your phone video plz

  12. Hey Friends! What are some of your favorite apps for Windows? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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