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Canon 5D Mark iV vs Sony A7s ii – Full Frame 4k Camera Showdown!

Here is our camera comparison between the Canon 5D Mark iV and Sony A7s ii. More info on the Canon 5D Mrk iv: http://bhpho.to/2dazOn3 More info on the …

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  1. Waj just STOP. Review after review, INSPITE of the facts and without justification, you are soooooooo obviously biased in favor of any and ALL Canon products that you HAVE NO CREDIBILITY.

    Just do a video entitled "Canon is the best ever, nanny nanny boo-boo" and call it a day…..

  2. The a7sii is literally only made for videos. Of course it's going to do better then the canon camera that's made for someone that's mainly photography and then maybe likes to takes some videos.

  3. hahahahahhaah little compression ????

    Man , trust me … go to work … this thinfs is not for tou.

  4. Great video. Straight shootout, good examples.

  5. Thank you so much .. keep up the quality work

  6. canon bulshet

  7. Make a video about your weight loss

  8. for youtube, i think 1080 is ideal…

  9. oh my god.. the video of the cat with the Canon is incredible.. wow.

  10. Honestly looked like the mark iv just had a little contrast to the image

  11. It's the flat profiles where the true sensor quality and dynamic range of the cameras come to the fore. I'd like to have seen a comparison with log footage, with the Sony shooting in S-Log 2 or S-Log 3 and the Canon using C-Log.

  12. Correction: the Sony a7s II is NOT weather sealed. But yes the canon 5D IV is. You might want to add an annotation to that. That was a good review. Keep up the great work.

  13. is it only me? I find the image from canon is way better and smooth to the eye! weird! dam now I hate both for that fact, Sony with it's bad menus, heat and battery problems and canon with their stubbornness with the 4K complex, can't they just make a decent camera without all the defects for us to swallow! are they dump or greedy! or maybe both:(

  14. WTF did he just say about my momma in the beginning?!?! LMAO

  15. dam dude you've lost some serious weight! well done looking healthy!

  16. The numbers so dont matter in these tests, its all about what the audience sees. Just skip to 6:22

  17. I really want the a7s ii for my videos! It's so pricy though ..

  18. dude you slim down…seriously.
    how did you do it?

  19. Tomáš Kroupa KK Foto

    What adapter are you using on 5D for Nikkor 50 f1,4 lens @MW Technology ?

  20. sony dont make good glass and on the long term it's not worth it…

  21. Omg cutest car ever

  22. Spent half the video reading spec text.

  23. sony a6500 vs nikon d500

  24. sony is targeting folks who want to shoot pro video yet doesn't want to spend more money on FS5. They are definitely not afraid of cannibalizing FS5. Canon on the other hand no longer has a sub $4 grand camera that shoots pro video without upgrading to C series cinema cameras. Forget about their mirrorless M5 which doesn't do 4k. They do have XC15 but it uses CFast card which costs a lot and if you want to shoot in 4k, you definitely have to use that.

  25. The cameras you introduce are good but you look bad

  26. this test is awful and misguiding. You should be banned from doing reviews ! both bodies would have performed much better with their native lenses try a G master or Zeiss lense on a Sony body before you judge the video quality of that camera smh

  27. Why can't you just talk in a normal accent?
    It's soooo annoying specially every video cut you make.

    For that, DISLIKED!

  28. Whyyyy?????
    Why you comparing sony a7S instead of sony a7R with canon?????

  29. You lost weight since 2014 LOL

  30. Wow you look good brother!

  31. Sony best

  32. sony win!!

  33. What's the soundtrack? I love it!

  34. 3:57 almost half the video in "we gonna be looking at video…" and you are still not even started on the topic…

  35. TheGreatGandalf09

    Huge difference in video. The sony is much sharpener and clearer. The canon is unusable with 12.000 Iso or more.

  36. Hey Dude why are you using NIKON lenses to Canon camera?

  37. You should have compared the file sizes 😉 No mentioning of purchasing another set of lenses for the canon when shooting 1.74 crop and wanna capture wide-angle. To make a fair comparison, compare it against the A7Rii.

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