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Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera Full Review

Stunning photos, stunning HD video, stunning price. Check out my review of the Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera. Buy your Canon EOS 60D here …

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  1. is this one vs nikon d3200 what you think which one is bettrr please tell me thanks

  2. Price

  3. I was watching a review of a guy who hates this camera and I thing he is an idiot. Thank you for your review, I still use my 60D with good results

  4. i can buy this for 150$ ( second hand ) worth it ?

  5. which one of those lens come with the canon 60d?

  6. Could you tell me what the raw JPEG image size is?

  7. 60D vs D5300? Which one should i get mostly for shooting video?

  8. Hello everyone! i need to get your thoughts to choose between 60D and 700D, pls assist.

  9. Very information piece of video, keep it up man. Love the accent!

  10. Cameron Furnival-Watling

    Does it matter, that its not a uk model??? PLease answer

  11. Bryan Kampbell (Guinness718)

    off topic question: what make and model is your tripod/light setup is the on your desk? thanks

  12. canon 60d o  nikon d7000?

  13. I really like his british accent

  14. I want i t haha

  15. I want i t haha

  16. It has a sensor crop factor, so be aware it is not full frame.

  17. I have that Tamron Lens it is AMAZING.

  18. Complicated – this is what I think.

  19. If you shoot full manual then you can control your settings Easier

  20. wooo. thats good then :D

  21. you are aware that this video is 2.5 years old right?….

  22. You said it will cost from 800 and usa 1000 dollers rouglyly.. But currys is doing a sale with the lens for 700? Is there any difference

  23. statistically the D5100 sensor is better than the canon 60d .

    what do U think since you have or had them both .

    i agree the 60 D is better in the hands

    let me know plz as i am deciding between them 

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