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Canon SX60 HS: 65x Optical Zoom & Video Review

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Digital Camera – Wi-Fi Enabled. Get it here http://amzn.to/1ZfgTnj. Hey guys, just how I am always on the look out for Apps, games …

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  1. is it good for youtube videos ?

  2. Rip Bestbuy

  3. The little guy at the end what a fucking player haha

  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  5. jgghvv

  6. You should have got the nikon p900 if you want to take portraits of martians

  7. Buttons, damn it! Not bu-ons!

  8. if you want to now the truth of the SX60 HS is a sub power camera for Quality, its a 2 out of 10 Quality,,

  9. i now have the sx60 camera and its Quality is not as good as the canon sx50, and i wood sale the sx60 camera if i were able to get the 6 hundred $,back

  10. its a bridge camera not a point and shoot. has the point and shoot aspects with a dslr build lol

  11. oh my gosh!!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks for taking time to post this and show the features. I'm considering this and the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. I've been wanting to do good video for a long time and I want to make sure whatever bridge camera I choose as silent as it zooms.

  13. Central Oregon Survival Network

    Right on!!! great review, I am about the external mic, and video… I am in central oregon!!! Good stuff

  14. is this DSLR??

  15. Nice but from comparison I love camera but CAnon SX60 65x zoom is not as close as my 20-60X60mm spotting scope
    any camera that super zoom well achieve its full potential power when super zoom to the moon optical only
    and Yes I did a video and photo comparison by math!

    spotting scope is like a touch of the moon

  16. Sony WSC hx 400V vs Canon SX60 HS ??
    Which one do you recommend?
    Would be nice if you can tell pros/cons of both.

  17. plzzzzzzzzzzz send me 1

  18. Can you please confirm me the image quality ? Is it best Canon Bridge Camera's image Quality so far ?

  19. Your video did me overcoming the doubt of buying this Canon SX60 because of the zoom. It cost a lot yes, but I am happy with this camera. Thanks! :D

  20. The Nikon P900 has 83x optical zoom and is only $50 more.

  21. Manfred Nimmervoll

    How many minutes can you shoot up to doing 1080 60fps

  22. Can you manually control the speed of the zoom given that you twist a wheel-like thing as opposed to pushing a button?

  23. ROFL @4:16 !!! Haha

  24. very informative and real

  25. nice video geeza

  26. in the beginning i was like what is this bullshit quality but omggggg that zoommmm!!!!

  27. Why is it not possible to adjust and shoot raw in automatic mode ?

  28. That bitch was having an orgasm just from the camera? I'm making my purchase tonight

  29. hey howz Nikon p900 which is better this or Nikon pleeezz tell me bro

  30. So, how do you think this is compared to the SX720 HS? Which one's better (as in I mean)

  31. Is it touch screen???

  32. I have the SX50 right now, the SX60 looks like it sure brought a lot more to the table, especially with the mic input! that's exactly what I need.

  33. what settings do you have it on? (ISO, RAW or JPEG, etc)

  34. I have heard that this is a wonderful camera for outdoors but not for indoor pictures….Can you elaborate on that please. Also compare to the Nikon D7000


  35. how to time lapse from the camera??

  36. We come in peace.

  37. Does it have a clean HDMI output (for live streaming)?

  38. nanceicecream sunnyday


  39. Sorry dude, what you are doing is not right…. Every time you return an item like this the store loses $100. You are abusing the return policy of best buy. People like you make things hard for others. Please be ethical and don't rip the system off just to put your videos out there.

  40. I used to have an sx50 and took some great pics with polarising filter attached. I'm surprised to see they increased the zoom instead of working towards better optics. 50x was enough.

  41. Amigo dos Brinquedos

    hello friend, what is the best for indoor shooting, Canon SX60 or Sony DSC-HX400?

  42. i like it camera too and your review its all natural also your green place,
    its just awesome looks like you are living in haven :)

  43. go to area 51

  44. Can tel me if is the triger zoom really smooth a (like profecional video cameras) And the focus is continus and soft.? I have the SX50 and the zoom/focus in video is horrible! (Sorry mah english 🙁 )

  45. Thank you so much for this
    I just bought a camera like this one exactly after watching this vedio but I can't zoom the moon and the airplane as you did
    Can you please tell me Witch one I should select? Auto. Tv SCn or av?
    I really appreciate your help

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