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Canon vs Nikon – Which is Better?

EASYDSLR Photo Snack #1 – Canon vs Nikon DSLR Cameras. Which one is better? Get my Free Guide at …

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  1. Scarlet Pimpernel

    DOES IT REALLY MATTER – I bought a Nikon D300,18-200 MB D 10 Grip and a Nissin because I got it cheap at the time and when you pay under £ 500 for the lot surly it a winner

    I am now use Nikon why should I be bothered with  A Speedy Set Wheel or A Speedy Set Button on either Canon or Nikon.

    The reason why I chose Nikon because The D300 is a classic SLR which resembles a 35mm AF camera The 12.6 MP sensor is all I need 200-3200 ISO I don't care because I am use to using a tripod ( always ISO 200 in manual ISO. I also have access to any Nikon or other brand of lenses that fit The Nikon F Fitting

    I use a Nikkor 18-200 for weddings and I never get any remarks about what camera I have what lens or flash I am using But I will tell you something I am not the person that is easily roped in buy all the tech talk that the sales/promotional hype that gullible people hear or read about.

    The basic fact is there is no best camera but if your going to shoot seriously and  use a camera a lot then get one of the higher end models either a Canon 7D or a Nikon D 300 ( As Examples I am only using  could be Pentax or Sony If You want)

    But all this stupid churlish "This VS That" is getting boring just buy any DSLR that suits your needs don't get suckered into what people want to to believe in for "THEIR OWN VESTED INTERESTS ( Those last four words should make you make up you own mind).

    You would think that it was some sort of religious faith and even that is a suppression controlling the minds of others.

  2. josefina Josefina

    I.m going to buy camera but I want have a clear light image footage videos night time same as day time effect , which of the two is the best ? I have used samsung here but the pictures bad result not clear during night time ..pls I NEED YOUR ADVICE, THANKS.

  3. Colorpix b500 or Canon GL2

  4. Thanks sir

  5. Sir if I bought 24-70 2.8 lence without VR then any problems occur in my photography

  6. Thanks sir ji to give me the way to go to choose the camera sir I am really very confused about the both camera thankq so much sir.

  7. Sir I want to purchase full frame camera which is the best cannon or nikon I am nikon user but I am very confused because of there is lot of investment so what I go for nikon d810 or cannon 5dmark 3

  8. Yashvardhan Agrawal

    Nikon d5200 vs canon 700d vs sony slt a58

  9. I own two Canon DSLR's 5D MK2's, one 5D MK 3, and older film camera's including an EOS 1N. They've never let me down.
    I agree with Ken's comments on Canon's menu system, and also the control lay out of the Canon's.
    Their flash Speedlite system is also really fast and easy to set up, especially the newer system which include radio connectivity built in to the flash.
    A few things persuaded me to stay with Canon when I made the switch to digital.
    Firstly Canon were forward thinking in developing the EOS system and although it upset a lot of people when they originally launched, because they changed the size of their lens mount, this is having benefits further down the road.
    They are now able to produce incredibly high resolution 35mm cameras (50 Megapixels and probably higher in the future), without any Moire problems which plague some models of Nikon 36 Megapixel cameras.
    Basically Canon lens mounts allow more light to enter the body of the camera, without significantly forcing design changes to their lens optics that may not be optimal.
    Secondly, Canon are a real photographic company, who not only manufacture their own cameras and lenses, but make everything from photographic papers, printers, scanners and their own (limited), RAW conversion software.
    Canon's 70 – 200mm f2.8 lens is one of my favourites, it's sharp, fast and gives a true 200mm focal length, where as Nikon's version suffers from focus creep, it's just not as good a lens.
    Canon really are a more rounded and involved photographic company.
    Nikon make lenses and assemble camera components from other manufacturers. Their sensors are actually made by Sony, but they don't invest in any other aspect of the photographic industry.
    Because of this I would say that Nikon, have left their fate to the design and quality of others.
    Will they still be around in 15 years say, who knows? Will they still have the skills, knowledge and machining to produce all the components that make up a digital camera in the future? Who knows.
    Would I invest in a £20,000 lens system owned a company that doesn't fully invest in the future development and full manufacture of their own products. Easy answer NO!
    Nikon are still great camera's though, but when you buy a DSLR, you're buying into an expensive lens system, so all I'd say is take your pick, but be aware of the bigger picture.

  10. Mayank Baunthiyal

    I am a Nikon user, and I'd swap my Nikon for Canon just for the lenses.
    Canon has 1.2 lenses, canon used glass is cheaper, and most importantly canon lenses can be adapted to Sony with autofocus.

  11. I got my fiance a T1i rebel 5 years back I believe. Well last year the card reader stopped working and found out that this is a common problem with their cameras. they claim it is do to the type of memory cards you use too.

    sorry but if a camera breaks because of the type of memory you use, you have some cheap shit hardware, especially charging as much as a computer.

    I let my brother look at the camera, he said the part that needs to be replaced is 40 – 50 bucks, problem is that he needs the software to reprogram the camera. Canon said they will fix the Camera for $200.

    Fuck Canon.

  12. bro why u guys always confuse . ur tag is which one is best n u didnt say which one.

  13. Baswabile Matengu

    So Canon is Best, if you are to answer briefly in one word. Thanks

  14. Kishore prabhakaran

    canon 700d or nikon d3200 which to buy?

  15. So i think Canon is the best. (Please don't judge me Nikon useds!)

  16. I had a Nikon coolpix L12 but i broke it. It was a good camera even if it was my frist camera and it was a digital camera. I have much good memories with it. For some years i saved money to by a new. I found a "cheap" one and i buyed it and it is a <Canon Powershot SX610HS white. It is an awesome camera with good megapixel sensor.

  17. Hahaha A great photographer will use a point and shoot.
    The proof is in the pudding.

  18. which one he is using to shoot the video????????

  19. Leading towards Nikon D5500 but the AF noise in video mode is so irritating. Then some say using external mic fix that problem and other say it still pick that motor sound up. On Canon side, 1080p @30fps bothers me.
    Canon T6i or Nikon D5500?

  20. which is better between nikon d7000vs canon 750d

  21. I'm confused help me out :
    Nikon D5300 or Canon EOS 700D? Which one is better?

  22. it is the best

  23. which one is good for videos , and which one for photos?? My first DSLR-What/Which should I buy?

  24. I am a beginner. Canon 700d or Nikon d3300?

  25. i am freaking confused which one is batter Nikon or canon although in last i want go Nikon D5500 side , is that correct direction ?

  26. is this guy south african? his accent seems like it.

  27. Nikon D5300 with18-55mm VR lens or Canon EOS rebel T5I with 18-135mm IS STM lens????

  28. ธนัญญา ทาเครือ

    Cannon 700D vs Nikon D5300?
    I cant decide. Y^Y

  29. I am a Nikon user, I think this video is very useful

  30. What website was that compared Canon and Nikon cameras? (At 1:15)

  31. Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer

    Aussie or Kiwi or Boer?

  32. Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer


  33. Maria Fernanda Vettel

    nikon and canon is like apple and samsung. Nikon is the best, Canon is mediocre. Apple is the best, Samsung is mediocre

  34. Love the intro!!

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