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Cool Tech Gifts Under $100

Some really cool tech that’s great for a gift or stocking stuffers for christmas or this upcoming holiday season. All Gifts are priced under $100. Enter to WIN a LG …

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  1. Subscribed a long time ago 😋

  2. what happened to the pivot in zmodo pivot? great video otherwise! :)

  3. great video matt

  4. man you have a really good channel surprised your so small

  5. must be so cool to check all this stuff out. mad props to the review god Matthew Moniz

  6. hi Matthew

  7. Your videos are SO CLEAN Matt :P

  8. saw you on techsource nice one!

  9. saw the collab video with Ed O. , heck I've subscribed to you longer that on his channel… in other words…you got great content !!! keep it up.

  10. Nice video

  11. great vid matthew

  12. I came from Eds Channel :)

  13. Tech source brought me here 🤗

  14. Whoa that audio though 1:13.btw thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway

  15. Here from Ed!!! Loved your 30 sec bit so I came to subscribe! <3

  16. It's good that you don't title the vid with giveaway otherwise people who don't even watch you win

  17. I like your face

  18. Matt you are the best

  19. Great video, some pretty cool items !

  20. I really liked the cable routing on the smartwatch stand. Very clean for the price for sure. Great selection Matt

  21. techsoush brate me here

  22. Lincon Fuller Hill

    Don't know if it's me, but your audio distorts whenever you say 'pr', 'p' sounds…May need to adjust the eq settings.

  23. B OCONNELL (Boconnell3)

    love the content but u seem to have a small issue with maxing out your mic. either way, keep up the great work and hope I helped ;)

  24. Ed sent me here. Really like your content so far

  25. i suscribed few days ago and like the tech videos from this channel, good job keep it up.

  26. I'm here from ed's video and to be honest I'm surprised. your videos are incredible and every thing is so nice your audio is good but not perfect so definitely try to improve it

  27. The quality of your videos is constantly getting better!!

  28. Good value for money! Cool gadgets Matthew 👌

  29. Awesome thanks for the simple tech gift list Matt!

  30. Whats with all these P's

  31. MagicBrick STUDIOS

    keep up the good work man!

  32. Great selection Matt and congratulations on hitting 80k 👍


  34. how do you not have at least a couple hundred thousand subs?

  35. Hey Mat lots of respect for adding the Canadian Amazon links!!!

  36. you actually didnt put the giveaway in the title for more views. respect.

  37. KTG- Mobile Gaming

    anyone know Good smart watches under 50

  38. Hey dude, i found your channel thru Ed's tech video, love what im seeing so far!

  39. 👍

  40. Great video 👍, I'm here from TechSources video :)

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