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Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet Hands-on Review Features & Apps – PhoneRadar

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  2. vinod kumar nagal

    Very nice video

  3. Ayyappan Krishnan

    don`t be fool to send money or book this .cheating I have sent them money for the slate .That was two years ago .but they made me fool by postponing the date

  4. Smood47

    This tablet is a pos.

  5. antonio cardenas


  6. Emmanuel Cruz Ortega

    Thank God I saw this video, otherwise I would've bought a very shitty tablet. Any recommendations?

  7. Shanker Jousula


  8. sourabh suman

    online booking mat karwana nahi to pachtaoge

  9. Aryan Prasad

    this shit u needed to review i tell u to review acer iconic b1

  10. nitish kumar

    china tab is better then ubslate

  11. Damian

    Looks slow as shit

  12. Rajesh Manakadavu

    I am fro kerala

  13. Aman Chuniyana


  14. Tuhin Bagh

    Can we update the android version..??

  15. Nereus

    ahaha it's so fluid… it seems a respectable product xD

  16. Flavius Fudulu

    Not sure if LAG or crappy screen…

  17. Puneeth Kumar

    maybe would root the device by referring to your 'how to root' tutorial, if there is and uninstall the bloatwares and use it :)

  18. Mayur Godhani

    Well…. I not tried this product yet 😛 I can't say anything about it without trying it.

  19. Onemorechance12

    Peice of shit

  20. justinm410

    Using that tablet for anything other than driving nails or as a paperweight would be an exercise in patience.

  21. Rajesh Manakadavu

    Datawind is cheating me..Not delivered my order till this date 27-10-12.but paid on feb.12

  22. Rajesh Manakadavu

    feel doubtful about the advertisement of the datawind ubislate7+ 

  23. Rajesh Manakadavu

    not yet received ubislate….till this date..18/10/2012, but i have paid on February 2012…..what can i do.???????? my no. 09446844886

  24. Ayyappan Krishnan

    i ordered and paid 2999 in march12.till date i didn`t receive it ie 13/10/12.i feel doubtful about the advertisement of the datawind ubislate7+ ayyappamenon

  25. Shobhit Mathur

    From where did you get this device..?? Please reply

  26. Shobhit Mathur

    i booked this in December last year. didn't get a call yet. 10 months gone. A friend of mine have even sent a cheque of 3000 rs. he also didn't get any reply. Datawind is looting people

  27. Sujeet Sharma

    I dont believe on ubislate/datawind they didn't delivered my previous order…

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