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Dell’s Laptops at CES 2017: First Look

A first look at Dell​’s Laptops at CES 2017: http://engt.co/2hNqsdi Subscribe to Engadget on YouTube: http://engt.co/subscribe Get More Engadget: • Like us on …

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  1. when will rose gold come to europe?

  2. the dell inspiron 7000 when will be on sale on amazon

  3. end of january ofc theyre not released

  4. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/132070849815 switch for sale

  5. must be made in china reason so bad PC HAS NOT FOR WATCHING VIDEO ON 2000 WERE BEST BUT NOT ANY MORE IS A PIECE SHIT NEW PC

  6. I feel like 2017 is the year of the great laptops just getting a bit better where it counts, and I have no complaints about that

  7. Dell ffs step up your game. Copy the material and the spacegrey color from the new Macbook pro, and launch it as Dell xps… when i look at this model it just looks cheap

  8. Does it have front camera?

  9. XPS 2 in 1's cpu performance is comparable to a core m, labeled as an i7. I don't see this being mentioned, so thought I would point it out.

  10. Guillaume Béliveau

    2 minutes of use and already a shitload of fingerprints… oh well

  11. when is the XPS 15 available?

  12. Why USB C? Why?? Leave USB normal USB, why do we need a dongle for everything now why!! Stop doing like the idiots at Apple, simply stop,

  13. no dell xps 15 news?

  14. if 7000 has 1050ti at $800 it's an instant buy

  15. oh what… i just ordered the inspiron 15 7555 with gtx960m, now a newer model with 10 series gpu will came out?

  16. Alienware are Turd, no OLED screen on the dell then, you did not mention it.

  17. Talks too fast with a monotone voice

  18. When will the XPS 15 become available? He didn't say

  19. Could you do an overview of their new monitors too?

  20. LelouchLamperouge235

    You failed to mention a key information. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is basically powered by Core M and that is the only reason why they could make it thinner and fanless. Starting with Kaby Lake Intel renamed Core M5 and Core M7 as Core i5 /i7 respectively. They can be differentiated of course by the model number that contains letter Y in them, just like in Core M3.

  21. Is it worth it to buy a Kaby Lake XPS 13 (regular not 2in1) because coil whine problems are still present?

  22. Guys, is dell a reputable brand with a good customer service? Or is ASUS better?

  23. u dnt have to ignore my text , atleast tell me if u know or just say u dnt know !!

  24. new spec they should add on gpus, psus, pc in general. coil whine level -5! yeah!

  25. ……….the dell hmd?

  26. Vital Perspectives

    Expensive 👎

  27. Might have to pick one of these up :D

  28. have u any idea of its launch in india ??

  29. any news abt Alienware Alpha.. i am waiting for an Alpha with a 10 series GPU

  30. Oh man, this new Inspiron 7000 gaming line is gonna be a huge winner! I hope that other OEMs follow suit with more affordable options for gaming systems.

  31. TIPSLT - Tech Reviews & Gameplay

    great laptops.

  32. dell should've made the logo flip when in 2in1 mode….. ;)

  33. Did they announce the Kaby Lake XPS 15?

    I hope that comes out soon

  34. thank God I've waited till this point to get the Inspiron 7000 series

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