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DSLR vs Camcorder (4K vs 1080p) Comparison

Is 4K worth it? Are DSLRs better than Camcorders for video? I put the Panasonic VX870 Camcorder to the test against the Canon 70D DSLR in a video quality …

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  1. Part of your consideration should also be any take longer than 29'30" forces you into a camcorder. Not to mention overheating issues. This seems to be the white elephant in the room for all UT vloggers.

  2. i'm watching on a quadmonitor, that's 2560 x 1440 , and I can say that 1.5 K is an absolute definite improvement in image quality over 1920X1080 HD. I think 4K is overkill but hey it allows bigger TV's with less pixilation so i'm for 8K and then 16K or whatever. BIGGER IS BETTER.

  3. Hello, can you do color grading on the video files from the Panasonic ? Thank you.

  4. AdventureSportFlashlights

    The color rendering from the 1080p DSLR was much better.

  5. I just got a Panasonic hc v770 shitty sound quality but using an external mic helps alot

  6. The dslr look a lot better to me

  7. Trinitel & Valentina

    Canon 70D with a condenser mic would do the trick

  8. Why, just the camera you chose this model and not even another brand ??

  9. I tried the 4K YouTube settings and the whole thing just slowed to a crawl. I was thinking of getting a 4K camera but looking at the output I think your Canon 70D gives a much sharper image. The Panasonic looked washed out. Thanks for the video. Very useful and informative. Subbed.

  10. Buy the right camera for what type of events you will be shooting. Don't let your talent see you stop the action because your dslr over heats. Be professional.

  11. яиду домой

    Why did choose a Panasonic? Why not Sony camcorder? I think built-in microphone is rubbish for vlogs. In any case you NEED to acquire an external noise-cancelling microphone.

  12. яиду домой

    Microphone too low sound?

  13. The Panasonic.

  14. Thanks for your expertise…visually makes sense 4K vs 1080.
    I'll be making guitar tutorials. What is also important to me is sound quality . Also the ability to record in split screen i.e. my hands, feet & filming from a distance. I assume more than one camera is needed for this? (this could be a duh! question! lol
    Plugging direct from my PA system to the camera also is exactly what i'm looking for.

  15. I bought a Panasonic G7. Arriving tomorrow. I will film in 4K but publish in 1080p. This will allow me to zoom in post.

  16. I think audio is often overlooked. The background hiss of the DSLR reveals a pretty terrible preamp. Much better sound on the camcorder as it's designed for video capture. I feel that mid level camcorders have fallen out of fashion these days, which is a bit of a shame as for many people who shoot video for platforms like YouTube they would be better served by a camcorder.

  17. I think the Panasonic wants more light, but it has definitely better piture quality because of 4k. The settings were quite different, for example the white balance was not correctly set, it was blue-ish on Canon here : 5:25 . And you can play with ISO and aperture and exposure also, hard to find the common basic settings, to compare them.
    By the way video cameras are better for video, undisputed, even in these static, not so moving scenes above. When the sensor is smaller then more light needed thats all.
    Good comparison btw, I like it.

  18. my samsung s6 record better

  19. Check out the Sony FDR-AX53

  20. Pianoforte Cambridge

    Thankyou, very helpful. Also, which editor is best – was thinking of Adobe Premier cut?

  21. To me the Canon looks the best all the way and i didn't mind the sound so much – seemed better than the Sony

  22. Great job with this video. Very nice and clear comparison. It is much easier in this way to spot advantages and flows of any choice.

  23. how long can you record? up to 2hours

  24. I call bull— here. I watched this video at 1080p on youtube, on my laptop with a high end 1920×1080 screen. Referring to the cell phone shot in particular. No way there is that much of a difference between 4k down-rezed to 1080 as compared to 1080 native. I was looking at a 4k cam and stumbled on this video… if i was watching on a 4k monitor maybe that difference could be justified but… i ain't buying it. FYI – i have work as an assistant editor in industry and have seen all kinds of footage; Alexa, Red, Canon DSLR, Go Pro, iPhone… i've seen it all, before and after processing. 4k obviously captures more detail, but if you are exporting to 1080p, which is the broadcast standard and the vast majority of TVs out there, 4k is overkill in camera, storage, and CPU / GPU processing power needed to digest the massive file size. If you have the money, get a 4k TV, be ready for the 4k wave that is coming. Camera buyers, wait until after that wave. Your wallet will thank you.

  25. Fernwey Wonderlust

    Great video. He is so handsome.

  26. Actually, tell a lie. I'm hanging around for the Samsung Galaxy 8. 4K and can plug condenser mic in jack or USB port. Who needs DSLR or camcorder then? I get a phone upgrade as well 👍

  27. Regarding auto focus on DSLR: get the camera to auto focus by pressing the button slightly while AF is on, then turn AF off on the lens. This stops it from trying to autofocus while you are filming 😀

  28. Thank you very much. This is exactly the question I was asking: do I splash out on the latest non professional 4k handheld cameras or go for a professional DSLR for about the same price. I will definitely be sticking with DSLR after watching this. Thanks

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