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Fastest Truck on Earth!

I stand behind a triple jet powered, 36,000 horsepower truck and experience a shock wave blast that nearly knocked me over! This is the Guinness Book World Record holder!

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  1. Still quicker than a Demon…

  2. Race a stock pick up with a stock camero!! See who's faster

  3. This truck does a quarter mile faster than most cars go 0-60.

  4. 0:36 we get it you vape

  5. NASA needs those rockets back. lmao

  6. Kerbal Space Program?

  7. wow does the earth hate the owner of this truck

  8. When it's Mother's Day and you forgot to but a gift

  9. Bet ya those jets could melt steel beams.

  10. how long does a full tank of gas last?

  11. first videos:)

  12. Now… If Franklin did a repo on that car, we would have some fun in GTA! Support!

  13. amazon should start using these for something even faster than amazon prime

  14. Like if your watching in 2015

  15. Reminds me of NASA

  16. Hey kipkay what song was that??

  17. Only in America!

  18. plisssssssss!!!!!!   Who knows what kind of music


  19. is that thing street legal?

  20. Tennisboy93 Tennischamp65

    Shockwave is faster

  21. Got my blood pumping….Respect!!

  22. Christopher Hernandez

    Optimus Prime OP


  24. You don't measure in horsepower with Jet engines. Its Thrust. This truck does not have 36,000 horsepower.

  25. Bradenton drag strip in Fl

  26. Mitchell Mortenson

    This song is used in wog

  27. Murica mother fuckers

  28. fuckin gay

  29. ทวีศักดิ์ ประเพณี


  30. It's not that fast if you need to put 400 litres of fuel in it every mile down the road!

  31. needs wings.

  32. How small can a dick be?

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