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Fujifilm X-T2 vs Fujifilm X Pro 2 | Comparison Review Video | Best Fujifilm Camera 2017

In this Fujifilm X-T2 vs Fujifilm X Pro 2 comparison review video, we’ll compare and review the Fujifilm X-T2 vs X Pro 2. Both are great cameras, find out the …

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  1. I use GH4 and I really don't like its viewfinder and screen. Is the X-T2 any better?

  2. Awesome review!

  3. Marcel “StunningToaster” Crolla

    thank you very nice review and good comparison

  4. This is the best xpro2 vs xt2 video! I use canon system for a long time and have been considering switching to Fuji. I like xpro2 design, classic. But the faster AF of XT2 really attracts me from the xpro2. I haven't made the decision yet.

  5. Close but no cigar. For anyone watching the video to see which camera might be better for them it just didn't give any substantive information. I can compare specs by reading the literature. Did anyone actually shoot with each camera and compare the experience? There is no shortage of people comparing the published specs which, in my opinion, is a pretty useless addition to the plethora of useless YouTube videos. Dare to be different and actually do some hard work before you pick up your video camera. Do that, and you will set yourself apart from the rest by actually adding real value to your viewer's watching experience and knowledge. My 2 cents.

    Best regards,

    A frustrated consumer

  6. Trueheart Trueheart

    Hey ? I'm looking to get my first fujifilm, Im torn between xpro 2 and xt 2 i was wondering witch cam would you recommend.

  7. Until mirrorless sorts out it's over heating problems I'm staying away.

  8. Nice review/comparison Izzy. Why cannot Fuji put X-Pro 2 LCD on X-T2?

  9. +Izzy
    Izzy you are the best. And so is digital goja I recently had to deal with customer service to resolve an issue I honestly would give them 10 stars if I could actually 10 Stars plus I was just blown away what the courtesy and caring the resolution of the issue Thank you

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