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Fujifilm X100T review

Fujifilm have updated its retro-styled big-sensor compact system camera with the release of the X100T. Amy Davies takes a look at what’s new; highlighting key …

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  1. So can i ask a question, if you are using the camera with manual shutter and aperture, which I like, how do you know if your settings are OK, can you preview?

  2. This lady should read "terms and conditions apply" in seconds , slow down please xx

  3. she speaks fine. your language/english must be poor if you can't absorb what the presenter is saying. try reading more books and newspapers which will help when listening to a normal paced talker

  4. Hey, good work. I would recommend, as many others have said, to take the pace down a few notches. Also, maybe make it more personal. I want to know why YOU would choose this camera. Why YOU like it. I didn't watch the entire thing but sounds to me mostly like a guide and run through of what functions/options the camera has. Almost sounds you're reading off a script. Make it personal :)

  5. Jonathan Smith-Willis

    Great review. Perfect pace for those with a brain. Thanks

  6. I like how it says review and 80% of it is a walk through of camera menus and buttons -.- but still some valuable information here :)

  7. What a gob! Is there any chance of switching the fast-forward off?

  8. What did you use to shoot this with?

  9. sorry but did not feel as if it were a review but more of a guide

  10. cut down on the coffee, you are so fast that I gave up trying to understand your review

  11. sorry, I can't keep pace with the machine gun delivery

  12. Cadence and pacing were too fast. But thank you for the video and information. Cheers.

  13. seriously would help if you spoke slower,

  14. Do you remember if in the optical view finder, there are indicators of focus or information that tells you your exposure?

  15. You have too speak more slowly thank you.

  16. Why is the camera so beat up? Haha.

  17. she looks like she directly came from a drug techno hardcore night to the cam review session

  18. while taking pictures… can x100t show histogram on the display?  that might help to dial in exposure compensation.  thx!

  19. but….why is the camera in the grass?

  20. Great review.

  21. John Gieroszynski

    I enjoyed this summary probably the detail you gave would only be picked up by people who knew what you were talking about for beginners you need to slow down. The features you are talking about are really advanced and we need to understand how they affect our use of this wonderful camera thank you I learnt a bit more.

  22. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the nice succinct review. I only wish I'd bought this instead of the 'S' version.

    Don't worry about the stupid comments from bored hateful people – they'd never say anything like that to your face – they're just cowards with nothing better to do.

    If I may ask a question – what video camera did you use – I got to this review after watching your Fz 200 review because I'm looking for a video camera.

    Keep up the good work :)

  23. Amy…
    You're NO camera expert.
    You should be on Telemarketing, my dear.

  24. Rabblingonaboutfactatthispacemakesmyearscluttered

  25. Reading from a script… too fast …does not  WORK…  !!!!

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