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Gearbest Review: Onda OBook10 Ultrabook Tablet PC Review – Gearbest.com

Onda OBook10 Ultrabook Tablet PC : http://gbe.st/O3PBxS Onda Obook10 Keyboard: http://gbe.st/DO19Gd (Discount Price: ??? → http://gbe.st/RQMYUO) …

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  1. The 4GB version is currently $164. It is a tempting deal for that screen size, but I wish I could see one in person before buying.

  2. is this a good tablet? anybody have any bad experiences?

  3. Good evening I wonder between wave v191 or wave obook10 which is the best? And if the two possue windows? And if the durability of battery is great? And if there is Portuguese language? Thank you very much and I hope it helps. Agurdo answer.

  4. hi I lost my Wi-Fi connectivity  on it how can you help me thanks

  5. Can it be charged by/via Micro USB ?

  6. teclast tbook 10 vs onda obook 10.

  7. can you test gta 4 with and without command line and perfomance mods?

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    sou brasileiro o tempo dele chegar aqui no Brasil é mais ou menos quantos dias?

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  11. The Wi-Fi connectivity is shit on this. You have to literally be near the broadband box to get a decent connection

  12. I thought i was listening to Borat. Haha. 3:41

  13. The pro version has a really big issue with WIFI…. I mean it works only when it's just beside the router

  14. i like your accent

  15. does it run andoird too

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  18. gostei muito vou vomprart

  19. hey gearbest I ordered xiaomi Bluetooth gamepad on 09th January 2016 & today is 28th February & still u don't deliver my product, it's almost 2 month gone & u said it will take to deliver 10 to 45 business days….
    Vishal from India. contact no. +918898693143

  20. nice i want this tablet pc

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