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  1. Amazon had those screen protectors for 6$ lol

  2. I like the weekend vlogs better than just one day!!

  3. It's not all over the place, I like weekends vlogs.

  4. you are barging

  5. longer vlogs with the full weekend are better 👌😄

  6. My husband bought me the 7Plus once it came out for both of us, but honestly, they're the worst iphone apple has come out with, so my husband sold his and bought a 6S😏

  7. 35 canadian dollars are a lot for a glass screen protector! I get mine for a dollar of ebay!

  8. Y'all aren't married? Why did you say OUR nephew sorry I just don't know

  9. justhere forthecomments

    The fry poutine was probably 5$ but it looks like they were doing an onion ring poutine for 6.50

  10. Hey if you don't like cases you can buy the peel case for your iPhone. Love you so much. ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋🎀🎀💜💜💜

  11. Your eyebrows are way too dark on Monday's vlog 😬😬

  12. Conditioner does NOT clean your hair, that what shampoo is for yuck!

  13. Do more TTT

  14. For those with a 6s or 7 you can find all of the iPhone 7 unveiling live wallpapers on the App Store, including the black & jet black ones. Check it out:

  15. Why is the goalie not dressed as a goalie? You'll save no goals dressed like that 😬

  16. OMG 2:15 she looks terrible without makeup… like a ghost .. she looks like that thing from Lord of the rings

  17. Living Like “LivingLikeIt” It

    Can you do a whats on my iphone update now? Lysm❤

  18. I'm not trying to be mean, but the IPHONE 7 PLUS is expensive, why would you spend money for that. My parents never buy me that expensive phone, you should save money for something else…

  19. no duh coz it was in your other video

  20. You Guys could keep Challenge Chomp Just add Vlogs! Challenge Chomp Vlogs! . I Like the Ring to it!
    Like if you Like it! <3

  21. i would love to have everday vlogs or if thats to much monday wednesday and then sunday night but have that one be a weekend vlog with friday saturday and sunday in it.

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