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Hi-Power T-Shirt Launcher!

Shoot t-shirts and other objects long distances with this air powered cannon!

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Detailed Instructions for the T-Shirt Launcher at: http://www.kipkay.com/documents

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  1. Hurricane 1070

    Blow darts

  2. Jim Infantino

    Cocaine. From Mexico. Over the Wall.

  3. Skywtaker Is here

    Did you break your car for real

  4. Skywtaker Is here

    Did you really break your car?

  5. lee cruz

    can i replace the sprinkler valve with another gate valve?

  6. Kyle Yuri Garcia

    I loaded a nerf vortex and it flied 65 ft.

  7. Mazol Abnov

    I would Lunch a hand grinade

  8. Raine Pretorius

    A grenade

  9. DA BLUE NINJA That's pretty good

    i would use a nerf vortex howler football

  10. MAD-dawggg2020

    A banner with 2017 on it.

  11. Kliuvert Perez

    I would launch sodas

  12. Combativehiiyt #MLG


  13. Patrick Spears

    Launch a flare with a parachute, as to illuminate an area

  14. Kipkay Kedersha

    #KipKedersha # kipkay #Kip

  15. James Powers


  16. Dark Angel Dreadnought

    would this shoot futher if you used a CO2 tank?

  17. Westley Wozny

    airsoft bbs

  18. timothy kim

    Handheld rocket launcher ? … wait …

  19. Hhindley2005!

    A frozen jacket potato. Need I say more?

  20. Allison E Lathan

    launch pizza🍕🍕🍕🍕

  21. BillyThe CRAZY

    A grenade

  22. Nathaniel TRM


  23. Adil Assil

    please how i can do the Fog Machine with the Battery

  24. Mark Fuhrmann

    i d launch dynamit

  25. ThorPandora 02

    I'd launch apples🍎🍏

  26. Codrin LBK

    I'd launch a nuclear warhead

  27. Balloonboyz Gaming

    I would launch a $3 airsoft grenade !!!!!

  28. Jacob Horton

    I would put my grenades in it.

  29. Riley Doyle

    I would want potatoes marshmallows and anything that I could

  30. I'm Tammy Hernandez


  31. Carter Burbules

    Who is watching this during hurricane Mathew

  32. Jamie Breakey

    Tennis balls

  33. The Kid Kinect The Kid Kinect

    And Phillips cdi

  34. The Kid Kinect The Kid Kinect

    Iphone 4

  35. Minecraft Dudes


  36. Toby Tobmister


  37. Holly Robinson

    I would launch the newspapers on my route!!


    i will lunch granades

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