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How I Take and Edit Makeup Photos – FACETUNE / ENLIGHT TUTORIAL

Grab the APPS I use in this video fro the links below FACETUNE : http://bit.ly/1lSjiHb ENLIGHT: http://bit.ly/1NUKcIO – – – Camera I Use – – – SONY a5100: …

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  1. Thank you for this video ❤️

  2. Would the Sony be a decent beginner camera for YouTube videos as well?

  3. official_.nappyhead


  4. i really like this camera

  5. you are so beautiful! your
    makeup is on point. thank you for the helpful video!

  6. I actually got the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 back in 2015 because of the camera, it's 16MP! And it has stylus which I love for editing because of the precision. Google Play finally got Facetune but we don't have Enlight, I'm so sad. I'm trying to find an alternative. I recently downloaded Facetune since I didn't realize when they added it so this video was helpful with those settings and features, thanks! I currently use Perfect365 and Airbrush.

  7. Sara Agha (belle_sxd)

    YAS Desi! Thanks for this! ♥️

  8. Does anyone know a similiar enlight app for android? I am looking for one that also allow you to copy en paste the foto like desi did

  9. What app do you use to transfer photos from your iPhone to your iMac?

  10. Thanks you sooo much this video was super helpful 💕💕💕

  11. Does anyone else have the problem with the target tool that it edits the entire picture and not only the selected area? ☹️

  12. What camera is this video filmed with? I have a project for my channel and I need advice

  13. What microphone do you use for your videos?

  14. Fantastic video for absolutely anyone who wants to edit their photos. Thank you so much!

  15. Great honestly thank you for the great video! Just subscribed to you(:

  16. Does anybody know the app used to transfer the pics from the a5100 to you phone?

  17. what do I do without you!!!! mwaaaahhhhh

  18. I subscribed when you said "chicken claws in" 😂❤️💅🏻

  19. Darn enlight is only for android ?! WAH

  20. Hey Desi!

    What is the name of the handheld tripod thing your using?

  21. So u can take pictures on a different camera and then upload those photos to your iPhone to edit them?

  22. where can I get to thing to hold the camera? :)

  23. Beauty by Natascia

    Hello 😊 I love your channel!! I'd like to open a channel as well in the future..
    which lighting are you using?

  24. How do you change your backgrounds?

  25. super helpful! i already had facetune but i never played with the patch tool! bless your heart

  26. Desi thank you so much for this love you girl <3

  27. Desi! This video is so helpful as I am a freelance makeup artist and need to take some better photos! Do you still use the Sony camera? I am needing to buy a camera to take better photos of the makeup I do but I'm not sure which camera to buy! Check out my makeup Insta @glammedbyjeds !!

  28. What camera did you use to film this video

  29. Can you please upload a video on how you setup your filming area – backdrops, filming camera etc
    Love ya desi

  30. This is very helpful ! Love this video ❤️. Question what do you use to edit your videos?

  31. how do you use for thumbnail once youre done editing in Enlight. Arent the size requirements 1280 x 720? please help, i have this app and would love to make my thumbnails on this app!

  32. I spent my day writing a paper about Plato and when she said the built-in softener worked without making you look like playdough i thought she meant Plato i was like WHAT LOL

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