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How to connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet

In this series of videos, find out how to make the most of your Samsung Smart TV. Watch this video to learn how to connect your set to the Internet. Click here for …

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  1. how to wiring karoke player to tv

  2. thank you so much.. you got me up and going

  3. I don't understand, how to connect Samsung A7 to samsung smart tv.
    Why, samsung not provided direct connect to between samsung phone and tv . because brand is same but its trouble for me. 😞send me solution

  4. Doesn't let me change it to wireless

  5. whats a rooter? hahahaa

  6. 2 queries-
    1.Will this Samsung WIS12ABGNX work on samsung tv model ua46da6400urxxt?
    2.Can i access my NAS if i have the dongel connected to Samsung TV

  7. Thank you – great help!I am updating now and I hope this will help my Netflix viewing better as well as stop my Smart TV from constantly cutting off !

  8. in menu i cant find the network :(

  9. my TV Disney have a Network setting

  10. تعطل تلفزيوني سامسونغ اثرا ارتفاع طاقة الكهرباء …..ماذا افعل

  11. BLUE_DEVIL415 2016

    Didn't work you dum guy

  12. I need a stupid lab adapter

  13. Fantastic help. Now sorted. Thank you very much.

  14. Is there extra charges if connected

  15. lethalmindcaress22

    Thanks cutie.

  16. nice tutorials, but quick question, because it's an update, how big is the chance that an update would make the device not work anymore? i mean does the tv offer me a change to downgrade or get back to the old vesion?

  17. خواهشمندم راجع به اینترنت فارسی تو ضیح دهید

  18. shut up

  19. Type in password… Very good explanation but how do I type that in with the remote controller which does not have letters. There is no keyboard which appears onscreen. TV was working and connected fine, but suddenly lost connection and will not auto pick-up hub.

  20. Excellent explanation! thank you very much.

  21. WaloDe Sniezinkovas

    helo how makeyuotube shuffle to my smart uhv in my playlist i cant find info nowhere thanks 🙂 i cant make tat

  22. and for tv signal u need coaxial or hdmi out from router separately right?

  23. Thank you so much for a clear talk through. I have never set up a smart tv before and was doing this for my mum for an 80th birthday present. She is so happy. The downside is that I now have to go buy a new Samsung smart tv for myself! Mine is big but not smart 😕

  24. tv chor bazaar se liya hai

  25. thag diya

  26. Is that Adam Savage ,i know him from ginx :D

  27. Thanks ! But what should we do with not showing ssid networks ? It is not possible to show it in our case… G.

  28. What does invalid submask mean on my new Samsung start tv..cannot get a connection wireless 

  29. I spent hours trying to figure out why my internet connection wouldn't work pulled this video up followed the video instructions and to much of my surprise it worked and now I have a connection.  Thanks

  30. LMAO!

  31. Hi, i'm successfully connected to the wifi thru the netwrok test but dont know to use or view content, do i go to particular channel? Thanks.

  32. Why does it say i need a wireless lan adapter

  33. Hi

    I've just bought a 40 inch 6400 series which is attached to a Humax Freesat box and surround system. I have been trying to stream videos from my Samsung note 3 and Tab S to the TV and I'm having issues. Via Samsung link I can get the video aspect to stream on the TV but I can't get the sound to come through

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