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How to identify the trend

For free trading education, go to http://www.tradingwithrayner.com You know an uptrend consists of higher highs and higher lows. But when you attempt to …

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  1. Rayner, a silly Q, the MA you are using is EMA or SMA…….good vid bro

  2. I didn't know how to use the MA until now. Thanks Rayner! Very appreciated. Even if its been over a year since you posted this Hehe!

  3. How do you determine 2 and 4 ''o clock on the chart? To me it depends on how far you stretch the time period in the time frame window… It can be zoomed in and out just horizontally… That will change the slope of any line on it..

  4. Thank you, very clear easy way to see the trend.

  5. Simple Present & Easy Understanding,good job bro,bro do you got like telegram or wechat dicuss forex group for join.

  6. You are doing such a good job. i think I'se seen all your videos. Verry well explained, easy to understand. Do you make weekly plan for next week? Or something like this? Or do you have a group where I can sign and be more in contact with you sir? Btw Thank You! Really helpfull all your videos.

  7. it's true that retrospectively higher highs & higher lows are what an uptrend is by definition. however, going forward, higher highs and higher lows aren't predictive of further higher highs and higher lows. rather, going forward what produces price action patterns that you see on the chart is the demand and supply of securities driven largely by subjective interpretations of the fundamentals, which can be a false misconception but it is this perception (often misconception in the case of bubbles) that drive security price.

  8. thanks master

  9. In example 3, a double bottom can be clearly seen. Hence, I would go long immediately instead of waiting for any further confirmation or reversal.

  10. Hey Rayner, great video. Ive been watching a bunch of your videos and i saw that in your other videos you spoke about using only a 50 Ema and a 20 Ema to define the trend. Which moving average strategy would you say is better? thanks a bunch.

  11. Chandrashekhar Chandvale

    Simple and nice explanation. Keep it up.

  12. thanks rayner,good explanation.question,if the short term trend like the 20ema pointing steep down, is it ok and trade and a shorter time flame,thank you.

  13. Greetings from hongkong …thanks a lot Rayner , hoping to learn from your vaults of info ..all the best

  14. hi rayner , what MA it is …EMA or SMA… thanks

  15. Thanks Mr Rayner, Thanks for the Video for identifying Trend. Please I need your assistance to Identify Time of 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock. Please I need it. thanks for the anticipated assistance.

  16. Thanks Sire , i love your style , will watch all your videos this weekend :))

    Greeting from Morocco !

  17. Extremely good video! Very objective way of defining trend and very original too. Good job Rayner!

  18. gr8 video

  19. Anne-Marie Loves Fruit

    Hey Rayner, love your videos. I'm so glad I found you! Do you find the daily or weekly charts more useful in this context? I think weeklies give a clearer overall picture but perhaps you have a different view?

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