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How To Jailbreak iOS 10.2 (All Devices FINAL)

Yalu Final iOS 10.2 Jailbreak RELEASED! How To Jailbreak iOS 10.2, 10.1.1 & 10.1 on iPhone 7, 6S, 6, SE, 5S & iPads. iOS 10 Jailbreak! Why Jailbreak?

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  1. it keeps saying failt retry

  2. When i open Yalu and click go its says Failed Retry and does nothing

  3. damn doing this on windows 10 is not that easy…. anybody having problems i can help

  4. i accidentally deleted cydia. now even after jailbreaking again I'm not getting cydia back.

  5. No thanks, I'm staying on my 9.0.2 jailbreak lol.

  6. I'm on 10.0.2, should I upgrade to IOS 10.2.1. Will there be a jailbreak for that in the next coming weeks?

  7. Is this beta???????? Or the FINAL release???

  8. What if my Computer doesn't get the latest version of iTunes so it won't let my phone connect to it because it is newer than the version of iTunes in my computer won't support the new version of iTunes and my phone! Please Help!

  9. (10.1.1) It's not working no the 7 plus (10.1.1)… and Cydia is crushing on the 5s

  10. can anyone tell me why am i getting error provision.cpp:150?

  11. Does it work for iPad 4 (32-bit)

  12. i have jailbreak on 9.3.3 shoudl i update and jailbreak or just stay on 9.3.3 with jailbreak?

  13. There is an error in the final step of copying Yalu abt  id and pswd even if all correct information is provided

  14. What about iPhone 6+ ?

  15. So I have iOS 10.1.1 on my iPhone 5 so would I be able to jailbreak my iPhone 5

  16. Will this also work on regular iPhone 5 and iPad air?

  17. If you get the app specific password error. Go to your Apple ID online and generate a password if you are a developer. If not turn off 2 step verification and re type into Cydia impactor. :)

  18. Why the PreferenceLoader is missing? I tried to search it in Cydia but it can't be found. Please help.

  19. im on iphone se 10.2, have not done this yet and i want to make sure is this real? will i fucked up my phone if i do this?

  20. Can i jailbreak iphone 5 (10.2) please someone tell me

  21. lol

  22. No …no way ….. omg no! I waited so fucking long for this jailbreak …..i checked every day if EAP has a new video about it …. i gotten sick and just missed it … how the fuck i missed it ?! Im on ios 10.1.1 right now and ios 10.2 is unsigned . People pls help ! Is there ANY way that i could get a Jailbreak ?? Iphone 6s pls help me D:

  23. Doesn't work on iPad 4 😯

  24. A.rahman F Almulla

    It works for me. Iphone 7 10.1.1 you need to download the Beta 3 file. ( yalu-b3).

  25. can i jalibreak Iphone 5s 10.0.2

  26. Is it possible to not have to reinstall it when there is gone 7 days?

  27. Can we still downgrade to iOS 10.1.1 still for iPhone 7 users?

  28. Anderson Campbell

    +everythingApplePro is there still a tweek to allow carrier unlock?

  29. lol i'm still on 10.1.1 can i still jailbreak

  30. This is my first jailbreak and has already been 3 days for using it! Will my Cydia work after 4 days?

  31. can you disable the 7 day reset? but not as a developer and do i need download the ipsw even though my phone is on 10.2

  32. Where are the fully untethered jail breaks like the good old day

  33. Weaponized Turkey

    So yeah it does restart my phone after i tap it a bunch of times but i dont get cydia

  34. its says "failed,ready"

  35. Does it. It work for 5c?

  36. iOS 9.3.5 ???

  37. it doesnt work on iphone 7 plus you liar

  38. Real Play Roulette FOBT

    have they stopped signing 10.2?? im on jailbroken 9.3.2

  39. soo. you cant jailbreak ipad 3 or 4 right?

  40. iPhone 7 on 10.2
    Will I ever be able to jailbreak?

  41. how do i install the jailbreak 10.1.1 iphone 7

  42. On ipad air 2 cydia lags a lot and stops working a lot help

  43. does it work with iphone 5??

  44. It says pls sign in with an app-specific password. What does that mean? How can I fix it?😂

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