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How to manage the battery and increase backup of laptops- tips & tricks for new laptop owners

www.techstore.co.in brings to you for the first time, a detailed guide on usage of battery which will enhance the backup as well as increase the durability.

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  1. When battery fully charged, it stops charging and laptop will work with only AC power.

  2. awesome video buddy :)

  3. Hey. I dint Know about the Conditioning. It has been 10 days since i bought my laptop. So, should I charge it for 12 hours once?

  4. Thanks Andy.

  5. if i 'lll perform reconditioning of battery ……. will it harm battery…as it will be charged for almost 12 hours…..

  6. Awesome Video ! precise and perfect ! thanks for the upload (:

  7. i use my laptop as a desktop, like it´s turned on lots of hours per day, is it a better option to take the battery out and work lots of hours only with the charger pluged in or i should go through the process of charging and discharging again and again?

  8. Techstore can i please have a shoutout?


  10. When i charge the  laptop to is full capacity 100%, and then i turn him on to work, the laptop will arrive at a moment like 20% of charge, as you´ve sad in the video, but i need to keep using him without turning him off.
    What do i do in that moment?

  11. Thanks a lot for the video!

  12. Thank you very much for the tutorial pretty clear and simple to understand. I just have one question is OK to discharge completely the first charge that comes with a new battery and then do the conditioning or I have to do the conditioning as a first thing after unboxing a new laptop for example.

  13. Excellent tips, thank you :)

  14. Excellent tips, thank you :)

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