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How to take Better Photos with your iPhone!

Using these tips will help you get the most out of your iPhone camera. http://www.twitter.com/macrumors Http://www.macrumors.com.

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  1. This is one of the better and simple videos about photography I've seen. No crap, just helpful information. Nice job!

  2. What about iPhone 7 pluses optical zoom

  3. wht about uploading photos to Facebook ? quality always bad , wht is the specific size to get a better quality photo for Facebook upload ? and how can i change it if theres any ? thanks

  4. Help please. Being techno-challenged, my iPhone is telling me it has no more storage to take pictures of my grandson !! I have sent some to the cloud and it says there is room available but it wont. I am sure I am unaware of something simple. Thanks lots.

  5. I have spent months studying how to get paid for photos and found a fantastic resource at Hartlyn photo pro (google it if you're interested)

  6. 1:54 is that at garret mountain in NJ?

  7. So helpful! Thank you! :)

  8. i wanna ask if 6s have flash on the front

  9. I love iPhone <3

  10. Tip #9 Use your friend's iphone flashlight as a light

  11. Take landscape not portrait :)

  12. The flash doesn't always ruin a picture many of my photos of random little objects looked great with flash

  13. sell it get the Samsung s6 or 7 ,, better hardware + better cam = power pics

  14. helpful

  15. I'm watching this on my brand new iPhone 7 XD

  16. Very imformative

  17. Thank you so much.

  18. Nothing New. ..

  19. I do have my iPhone and I truly enjoy it this is my second one I have an I phone 6+ and I did learn a lot a lot that I didn't know about the phone could you see sometimes I still get A afraid of me messing up something what you taught me a lot thanks for the video see you in the next picture

  20. Nice….. Informative

  21. Thanks for the tips

  22. The iPhone 6plus still sucks when it comes to taking pics even after I did what you said. Try taking photos of butterflies in your flower garden in the sunlight. If you can't zoom then you can't make out the butterfly because it's too far away. And you can forget getting closer to some of them to get good photos. I've seen some beautiful photos of butterflies posted on FB. Mine are still blurry and faded looking. Not clear and professional looking like theirs. I'm very disappointed in my phone when it comes to taking photos. I've had an iPhone since they came out but I may consider changing from an iPhone next time.

  23. Sheesh I feel so ignorant after this 😂

  24. I tip, light is key to good pictures 🙂 If ur picture is to dark, plz don`t turn up the brightness, unless if you don`t have any extra light to use ;)

  25. Great video!

  26. Annnnd subscribed

  27. The narrator: If it is higher,go higher.

    Me: So if I wanna take a picture of the big ben tower from London does that mean I have to climb it like spider man?? Or if I wanna take a picture of a tall building with a skyscraper on top of it then I would climb it??

  28. My iPhone quality is shit

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